Kobe’s Undies Are As Baggy As His Game Shorts

Activision goes all Risky Business parody to promote the newest Guitar Hero. I see no problem with that.

Tony Hawk makes sense — doesn’t Activision also make his Pro Skater games? — and Kobe Bryant is just funny, as is Michael Phelps. But I wonder if Alex Rodriguez had even heard of the game; maybe he has.  He’s the only one I can’t really see as a gamer at all.

In fact, Activision totally whiffed when they decided not to bring the most obvious candidate for an ad for their game in:

Seriously, major missed opportunity to poke some more fun at itself and the game. They DID have to go for people who might actually be able to sell things (although, again, why go for A-Rod? How good a pitchman is he?)

(Photo via Deadspin.)

Like You Needed More Ways To Slack Off At Work.

RandBall helpfully points the way to OG (that’s Original Gamer to you, muthafucka) sports heaven: yes, there is a site where you can play the original Tecmo Bowl on your computer.

Excuse me while I go brush up and refresh my Bo Jackson/Barry Sanders skills. You can curse me out later when you realize your work day just went down the crapper.

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to die for.

A Sacramento woman died from water intoxication (didn’t know there was such a thing) after participating in a radio station’s contest to win a Nintendo Wii for her kids. The DJs involved all got pink slips.

None of the articles mentioned note whether Jennifer Strange won the contest, but I do believe her family has a real shot at winning a radio station.