My Love, My Life, My Television


Yes, I'm aware that there are plenty of wires showing and I don't care.

From left: HD cable box, 5-disc DVD player, iPod in dock, 32-inch set/reason never to leave home ever again.

It’s where all the magic happens, people.

(This post is an excuse to test my digital camera.)

Peyton Made Me Do It

Well, not really. But he might as well have, so I’m blaming/crediting him.

Anyway, you read on Friday that my old TV decided to give out.  However, I quickly realized it had done so at the most advantageous of times:

  1. In a bad economy, retailers are desperate to get rid of HD sets — both LCD and plasma — at ridiculously cheap discounts
  2. This goes double for the holiday season in a recession, when retail experts are fearing new lows in holiday spending.
  3. I’d just received my holiday bonus check (one week’s pay) the day before.

So, I spent Saturday at Circuit City, Costco, and Best Buy — the first because it was in bankruptcy and needed to move inventory to help consolidate two other locations that were sending what was left in, the second because I have a membership, and the third because I generally like it the best and trust it (this may be brand loyalty; I used to work at a store in Colorado and generally found it a decent place to work.)

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