Gee, You Think You Know The Media Narrative Of A Guy…

Let us note this while laughing. Not at Sam Alipour, who recounts in an Page 2 column about Cowboys WR Terrell Owens helping him out and saving him after he was hit by a car and rolled up on the windshield while hailing a cab outside the ESPYs last week — but at the coverage in response to the incident. I am currently watching a Headline News report that takes Owens’ past in San Francisco, Philly, and the incidents in Dallas, and labels it a complete change to what we’re used to from the malcontent.

Alipour’s column recounts his shock at seeing T.O. as his helper, the person who stayed with him as the EMTs came riding along, and after he was carried away, this exchange came in:

“So, T.O. was nice, huh?” says the medic who took my blood pressure inside the ambulance. “Boy, you think you know somebody, but the media doesn’t tell you the whole story. You never know how they really are.”

Guilty as charged.

When the medics were done with the paperwork (note: patient has lacerations, bruised knee, stained shorts, etc.) I headed back to the street to deal with the police, meet the driver and thank my hero … but T.O. was gone. He didn’t care to wait for the cameras, the spotlight, the attention. Didn’t need to hear my thanks. He simply vanished into the dark night, alone (well, with his bodyguard, also a nice man) like a samurai, his work complete.

I wonder if we’ll hear as much about his helping someone out as we hear about his “25 million reasons to live” or his status as a team cancer back in Philly. Now, Owens brought a lot of it on himself, but the way the narrative has jocked him even as he’s been a team player in Dallas (and so valuable that Jerry Jones extended him at the age of 35) has been a little less than fair.

A night of unexpected heroes at ’08 ESPYs [Page 2]