Cheap Shots #105.

Barry Bonds’ Dogged Pursuer: Worth noting and reading — the judge in Barry Bonds’ perjury trial is not exactly enamored with IRS agent Jeff Novitzky. The man is just, say…a bit obsessed. [Yahoo]

Rusty Hardin Probably Should Reduce His Public Role: Roger Clemens’ attorney got himself in a bit of trouble with Rep. Henry Waxman after saying that they would “eat Jeff Novitzky’s lunch” if he showed up to testify against Clemens. I can’t help but think that Hardin is doing anything but helping his client. [ESPN]

Who The Heck Is Jim Zorn?: Really? This is the best Dan Snyder could do? I mean, sure at least he’s not Jim Fassel, but to promote someone who’s never even been an offensive coordinator or called plays at all seems like a stretch. Now both teams in the D.C./Baltimore areas are dealing with head coaches who’ve never been in charge of offensive or defensive units. [Washington Post]

NFC Comes Back To Win Pro Bowl: Majority of fandom yawns after watching two minutes of it to stave off prolate spheroid withdrawal.

OW. OW. OW: Thankfully, Richard Zednik is OK, but accidentally getting slashed in the neck by your own teammate’s skate…not for the squeamish. [Two Minutes for Blogging]

Christian Defense Coalition Protesting ESPN Again: This time over the released Berman videos that have him cussing a blue streak — his use of “Goddamn” and “the negative use of Jesus Christ.” I’m going to start my own political organization soon — it will defend faith against people like the CDC. [Awful Announcing]

Magic Johnson Confuses Me: Didn’t he say several months ago that Kobe Bryant shouldn’t have gone out and trashed management about not trading Andrew Bynum, now he’s just doing what a leader was supposed to do? Hmmm…. [L.A. Times]