Lazy Hump Day Video Posting

Via Black Heart Gold Pants, we discover the intensity and vulgarity of USC coach Brennan Carroll driving potential walk-ons through workouts. “Brennan Carroll: Office Special Teams Coach” seems an appropriate header.

And thanks to EDSBS, a dandy visual summary of Tennessee Vol fanhood:

Tell Him To F–k Right Off

Generally, there are way too many opinion shows on sports TV when they’re discussing Tiger Woods dropping some expletives in a golf tournament with the boom mic on him on 1st and 10 (and obviously, First Take earlier).  Skip Bayless mouthed off about Woods being one “of the most vulgar golfers on the Tour,” and said he should keep his language in check, to be an example to the children who watch and idolize him.

As politely as I can: fuck off, sir.

Quite possibly, one of the most enjoyable parts of watching athletic competitions on TV is hearing these slip-ups, these bouts of profane invective in the heat of competition — it reinforces that these are people doing a job, that they are real, not some abstraction viewed on the screen or from a high spot in the arena. The best example I have is in the NBA Finals back in 2002, when Rasheed Wallace got called for a really ticky-tack foul while Kobe Bryant was driving, and he let out the most audible “BULLSHIT, REF!” I’d heard in some time.

It also provides more reality from the crowd. How many times have you heard a packed arena chant “BULLSHIT!” after a foul call, or chant? It’s not incumbent upon the athletes; if the networks want to avoid this, they can put a delay on it or just deal with the consequences.