Take A Hike, Ferentz

In terms of football achievement on the field, Kirk Ferentz’s Iowa Hawkeye teams have underachieved regularly, even more so after Drew Tate graduated a couple years back.  This should have been enough to can Ferentz, whom, amazingly, used ot be on everyone’s short list for an NFL job.

But now, this is bigger than football. It’s about a sexual assault investigation that apparently has been stalled by all responsible parties, from Ferentz on up to the AD and the school president.  The victim’s mother has accused Ferentz and AD Gary Barta of urging the victim to allow the U of I to handle the matter internally in a letter; the Fanhouse’s Adam Jacobi (better known to you and me as Oops Pow Surprise of Black Heart Gold Pants) has chronicled the entire matter in a handy-dandy guide.

Now, while I take into account the Duke lacrosse rape case before rushing to judgment on the athletes, it’s disgusting that Ferentz and everyone above him has apparently done very little in order to handle this properly. This is not a football program where this case is an isolated incident, and the latest off-field matter involves an incoming freshman getting busted after leading the police on a nude chase.

Eventually, something regarding sanity has to step in, and Ferentz, at the very least, must go. BHGP is calling for many more heads than his own, but it’s a place to start.