Stealing Signals: Joe Torre Deserved Better.

Indians 6, Yankees 4 – In about a week, we’ll be talking about where Joe Torre might wind up: in another managerial vacancy or taking a well-deserved vacation or retirement.  The Indians got started when Grady Sizemore homered off Chien-Ming Wang on three days rest, and they kept adding on, knocking Wang out in two innings with the bases loaded and doing damage to Mike Mussina as well.  The Yanks began chipping at the lead with homers from Johnny Damon, Alex Rodriguez, and Bobby Abreu. Jorge Posada even missed a jack off Joe Borowski by mere feet, then struck out, and that was the last threat of the game.

Cleveland just out-pitched and out-hit New York. Before anyone jumps on A-Rod for being underwhelming, it might help to also lay some on Derek Jeter — Captain Clutch was anything but, grounding into several inning-ending double plays, and that long foul ball is the best hit Posada had for most of the series. Johnny Damon was the semi-consistent hitter. But regardless, Joe Torre deserved better, although it’s not quite sacrilege to suggest that maybe there needed to be a change to break up the stagnation. However, some of those players who would take bullets for Torre won’t be sticking around — and despite his playoff struggles, the man the Yankees can least afford to lose is now mulling over whether to follow Torre in possibly saying “so long” to the Bronx.

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images