Assorted Listening

Stuff I’ve been listening to recently:

Local H’s latest release Twelve Angry Months – here’s a live version of the song “Michelle (Again)”:

Preview of TV on the Radio’s newest single (thanks, Janie!)

Against Me!’s New Wave — here’s “Thrash Unreal” (any band that can turn a chorus of “No mother ever dreams that her daughter’s gonna grow up to be a junkie / No mother ever dreams that her daughter’s going to grow up to sleep alone” into a sing-along is talented)

Orson and Holly’s hilarious podcast on the rules of sex during college football season. Personal opinion? Reverse cowgirl and your couch or recliner exist for a reason — angle the TV properly, and don’t dare bone if either Pam Ward, Paul Maguire, or Brent Musberger are anywhere near the telecast.

(You do not want the Walrus looking at you from his pod out on the field while you’re going deep. No, sir.)