S2N @ AA: Weekend of 10/18-10/19

Spend A Weekend With Me

I’ve got two days of weekend duty at Awful Announcing. Saturday brings another installment of the Pam Ward Chronicles with me sitting in front of both idiot boxes and taking notes on college football announcer quotes, while Sunday has me helming the place through the day of NFL action — complete with open threads, miscellaneous stories, and of course, the Sunday Night Live Blog, as Jess’ favorite player and his Cowboys head north to Green Bay.

As usual, I urge you to join me with your snacks, your beer, and your unclean selves.

Keeping Track Of The Stupid This Weekend

(He gazed at her longingly, while trying to ignore the words coming out of her mouth.)

I’ll be assisting BP at Awful Announcing with the Pam Ward Chronicles tomorrow. Your tips and quotes in the threads will be appreciated and probably posted quickly. It has become a sad note that I watch on Saturdays just as much for Pam Ward, Ray Bentley, Paul Maguire, Mike Patrick, and Gary Danielson saying silly things as much as I do for the hitting and passing.

It will be nice to have Uncle Verne Lundquist back with Crazy Cousin Gary.

Also, as usual, NFL live-blog at the same site on Sunday night, with the Steelers headed to Cleveland to take on the Browns.

Do join me.

Observe My Poor Attempts At Humor In Real Time

Reminder for you NFL lovers (read: all of you): I return to my regular Sunday night live-blogging position at Awful Announcing come Sunday at 5 PM Pacific to watch as the Neckbeard and the Chicago Bears take on Peyton and the Colts.

Do join me.

Peddling My Wares For Others Again

A quick announcement, since I’ve been bogged under the past couple days with real-world ish: I will be back at Awful Announcing on partial weekend duty this football season, providing Sunday Night Football live blogs and chipping in with the Pam Ward Chronicles (the day in college football announcer quotes) from time to time.

Oh, Al. Oh, John. How I’ve missed your quarterback slobbering so.