Features and Serials

Cheap Shots – the twice or thrice weekly link dump. Send your stuff or the good stuff you’ve read over to s2nblog@gmail.com.

Stealing Signals – the MLB round-up. Daily during baseball season, unless I go out and get trashed and forget to write one the next day (so, that means you likely won’t see one on Saturday morning.)

Rushing The Field – College football recaps and notes during the regular season.
The Red Zone – NFL recaps with assorted blather about teams.

Above the Rim – Quick recaps of NBA action. I’m trying to get this up to daily status.

Vinyl Fetish – where I get my music snob on, going through my aural love affair with an artist and providing YouTube vids.

Whitlock’s Quick Fix – a four-part series I wrote in response to Jason Whitlock’s commentary on how to “fix” men’s college hoops and football.

More to come, hopefully.

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