It Helps To Read A History Book Or Two

At least it does before you go on national cable TV, I’d think. Chris Matthews is a dick (despite my dislike for Hillary Clinton as a candidate, the sexist remarks he’s made about her are awful), but he lines up this radio guy Kevin James from KRLA fairly easily.

Look, if you’re going to defend references to appeasement and basically accusing presidential candidates of it, be sure you know how to define appeasement and what got British PM Neville Chamberlain that label. The Sudetenland! Know it, motherfucker! Wikipedia’s pretty easy to use, and in Chamberlain’s case, is pretty accurate.

(I’m trying to get some political stuff, music, and other non-sports stuff back on here occasionally. Bear with me.)

Throw The Peacock Down The Well.

The most compelling sports on TV today had to be Game 5 between the Senators and Sabres, as Buffalo choked away several power play opportunities (including a 5-on-3) in the third period, and we got another example of the glory that is OT playoff hockey.

Problem is, NBC decided on another “Heidi” moment and went to its Preakness coverage after the end of regulation, sending the OT to Versus, while Tom Hammond and Co. blew an hour on pre-race coverage.

So, viewers had to go to Versus to watch Daniel Alfredsson score a great series-clinching goal, and hockey gets screwed over yet again. As Paulsen points out, we all know horse racing has more pull with viewers and advertisers, but why does pre-race coverage (which lasted over an hour) merit the broadcast air time, while the end of a playoff game does not?

NBC Sports, much like its entertainment division, has no fucking idea what it is doing outside of Sunday Night Football.

(Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)