Playing A Blue Note For Mr. Hubbard

Top-flight jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard died today at the age of 70 in Sherman Oaks, after a life of amazing playing with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and numerous others.

In his honor, here’s a live performance with Hancock on the latter’s classic “Cantaloupe Island.”

Death Comes In The Night On Little Cat’s Feet

Eventually, someone’s going to follow Andrew W.K.’s lead after making a song based off the ramblings of the McLaughlin Group, but for now, the original will do. (Hat tip: Idolator).

Next up: Fall Out Boy writing its next hit in tribute to Tim Russert.

This Will Make Your Brain Explode

Because love requires a huge showdown with its medieval-looking enemies, and the best soundtrack to a power-metal style fantasia video is dance-pop with a completely androgynous man.

Thank you, Janie. And thank you, Chris Dane Owens. You are the new Genius of Love. You went insane when you took cocaine.

Assorted Listening

Stuff I’ve been listening to recently:

Local H’s latest release Twelve Angry Months – here’s a live version of the song “Michelle (Again)”:

Preview of TV on the Radio’s newest single (thanks, Janie!)

Against Me!’s New Wave — here’s “Thrash Unreal” (any band that can turn a chorus of “No mother ever dreams that her daughter’s gonna grow up to be a junkie / No mother ever dreams that her daughter’s going to grow up to sleep alone” into a sing-along is talented)

Orson and Holly’s hilarious podcast on the rules of sex during college football season. Personal opinion? Reverse cowgirl and your couch or recliner exist for a reason — angle the TV properly, and don’t dare bone if either Pam Ward, Paul Maguire, or Brent Musberger are anywhere near the telecast.

(You do not want the Walrus looking at you from his pod out on the field while you’re going deep. No, sir.)

Why Bo Diddley Matters

Rest in peace, Mr. Ellas Bates. You know you have left a mark on music when you have a rock and roll beat that bears your name. Ask any guitar player or drummer what the “Bo Diddley Beat” is, and they’ll tell you this:

chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk, a-chunk-chunk

And Bo made it sound something like this:

Bo Diddley also wrote one of THE classic blues songs — tell ’em how you tell ’em “I’m A Man”!

And just who do you love?

The Strangeloves ganked old Bo’s beat for to tell the world they wanted candy.

Daltrey, Townsend, Entwistle, and Moon knew some Bo Diddley when they rode the “Magic Bus.”

Bono and the boys used the beat to prove their “Desire.”

Now that’s a fucking musical legacy right there, from his own wonderful catalog (which he never got enough money for, like all the black rock ‘n roll innovators) to those who listened to him and made his signature beat part of the musical lexicon.

Trapped In The Rundown Of Love

Anything involving Roger Clemens these days has descended into pure unintentional comedy (you couldn’t come up with parody as good as his testimony in front of Congress over Brian McNamee), and you’ve likely read the news that has been all over sports and music blogs better than this one you are reading about an “intimate” relationship that the Rocket had with country star Mindy McCready that started when she was 15.

McCready told the NY Daily News she couldn’t refute a word of the original article. Clemens’ attorney Rusty Hardin says the relationship was never sexual (um, sure it wasn’t), and I can’t add a whole lot of indignation outside of the “god, that’s absolutely vile on his part” type, although it did take a while for this story to get a lot of play, on, say, SI or ESPN (betcha it would have been faster if it was a new item on Kimberly Bell, right?) Isn’t it typical that McCready’s got both plans for a new album and a reality show as this breaks? All press is good press if you’re in entertainment. That aside, I can only expand upon this with the fun of song titles about the whole matter (and baseball in general) for her comeback. Some of them would be for Mindy, and others likely for an aggrieved Debbie Clemens (provided she’s actually bent out of shape about this.)

  • “Don’t Let Our Love Go Inside The Foul Pole”
  • “Walk-Off Love (Bottom of the Ninth)”
  • “You Hit One Into The Upper Deck of My Heart”
  • “Broken Bats and Broken Hearts”
  • “Hit By The Pitch of Love”
  • “I May Be Young, But I’m Ready For The Call-Up”
  • “Suicide Squeeze (Trapped In The Rundown of Love)”
  • “Double Switch, Double Talk, Double Cross”
  • “Sliding Head First Into You”
  • “Calling for a Pinch Hitter (Hit The Showers!)”
  • “My Bases Are Loaded, Now Swing For The Fences”
  • “He Wanted A Double Play, But Struck Out Swinging”
  • “Slump Buster (Driving One Into The Gap)”
  • “You Stole My Heart When You Stole Home Plate”
  • “Make It A Doubleheader, Baby (Let’s Play Two)”‘

If you’ve got others, drop them in comments….

Photo: Getty Images

Mindy McCready weeps as she confirms affair with Roger Clemens [NY Daily News]

In The Lead-Off Spot….

In semi-honor of baseball season, I put together a mix of lead-off album tracks and the Great Barstoolio was kind enough to host it.

Go listen, now.