Observe My Poor Attempts At Humor In Real Time

Reminder for you NFL lovers (read: all of you): I return to my regular Sunday night live-blogging position at Awful Announcing come Sunday at 5 PM Pacific to watch as the Neckbeard and the Chicago Bears take on Peyton and the Colts.

Do join me.

Peddling My Wares For Others Again

A quick announcement, since I’ve been bogged under the past couple days with real-world ish: I will be back at Awful Announcing on partial weekend duty this football season, providing Sunday Night Football live blogs and chipping in with the Pam Ward Chronicles (the day in college football announcer quotes) from time to time.

Oh, Al. Oh, John. How I’ve missed your quarterback slobbering so.

Programming Reminder.

Live-blog of the Chargers-Pats Sunday night game will be at Awful Announcing yet again this evening at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific. I’m planning a pre-game open thread this time, so that will probably be up at 7 PM Eastern. Please join me at AA’s with your spying jokes, Brady baby gags, riffing on Belichick’s ratty-ass hoodie, and anything NORV! related.

Back later in the morning with the reflections of 15 hours of college football viewing after sleep.

Sunday Night Is Live-Blog Night In America.

Reminder: I’ll be live-blogging Sunday Night Football tonight over at Awful Announcing, after months of rust post-NCAA tourney. However, this is the Giants vs. the Cowboys, which means plenty of Romo jokes and picture of Eli Manning acting silly. Join me at 5 PM Pacific, won’t you? I steal from the comments liberally and credit them, too — we do it as half-live blog and half Hugh Johnson.

TV Notes: At least I get the Broncos vs. the Bills on CBS. It will make up for having the Lions and the Raiders forced on me this afternoon instead of Bears/Chargers.

Liveblogapocalypse, Day 2.

I got UNLV-GA Tech and Long Beach State vs. Tenn in a double-donger, double-duty special over at Awful Announcing today. First game starts at 9:20 Pacific. Join me and my compatriots, won’t you?

Picks for those games: UNLV, LBSU (GO BIG WEST!)

making that eventual case of carpal tunnel come that much sooner.

I’m guest-running things over at Our Book of Scrap today while Scrap is on work-related travel, and probably will join the LiveBlogging News Team at Awful Announcing for March Madness awesomeness later, after a few hours of sleep.

So, check ’em out, and I might drop one more note or two here.

programming note.

I’ll be over at AwfulAnnouncing this Sunday afternoon, live-blogging the Pats and the Chargers as part of a weekend-long NFL live-blog playoff line-up that includes One More Dying Quail pulling a double shift on Saturday and AA commenter Sam T handling Seahawks-Bears.