A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Idiocy

inanimatecarbonrodThe staggering development of soon-to-be former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s apparent corruption, charges so blazen and blatant they would make “Lincoln roll over in his grave,” to paraphrase U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (yes, that very same one in the Valerie Plame investigation; he is an equal opportunity angel of justice), is not staggering because a Chicago pol has some skeletons in his closet.

It is staggering because by all accounts, the Inanimate Carbon Rod, a Democrat, is quite possibly one of the dumbest men ever to hold elective office if all of the accusations hold up in court. He is accused of pay-for-play tactics that, per the FBI’s Robert Grant, shocked even the most hardened and cynical of agents.

Here is a basic laundry list of the most audacious alleged crimes contained in the indictment (PDF file):

  • Schemed to sell the appointment of President-Elect Barack Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder in exchange for either a high paying position with a non-profit or a labor union, a placement for his wife Patricia on corporate boards, campaign funds, or an ambassadorship or cabinet post (he wanted to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, apparently)
  • Threatened to put a halt to any public help to the Tribune Co. in selling Wrigley Field if they did not fire members of the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board who wrote unflattering portraits of him
  • Wanting to hold up $8 million dollars for Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital because its administrator didn’t cough up $50K for his re-election campaign

The last one is what really makes it art. Earlier in the day, I thought it boring, quid-pro-quo crap; there was no particular skullduggery that made it stand out, but as soon as you get the health and care of kids involved, there’s a new level of arrogance there that would make Karl Rove smile from ear to ear, no matter what the political party.

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Yes, I’ve Been Over There Again

I promise I didn’t abandon you. I’ve just been…..well, writing for other people, and it’s tough work, plus he’s got all those pictures of pretty women over there….I’ll be there tomorrow too, but I promise I’ll be back.

Here’s the stuff I’ve put up over at Sports By Brooks today:

From earlier in the week:

I’m getting better at this “blogging on deadlines” thing as it goes along, I think.

I Get Interviewed

It happens, from time to time, and this time Rick from Stiles Points asked me to participate in his “Beers With Bloggers” series. Go on and read the interview, now. It’s mostly worth it for my beer recommendation.

Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event.

Somewhere along the line this week, I looked back through the archives, because I knew I started this blog in October of 2006, but wasn’t sure of the actual date. Turns out today marks the blog’s first birthday, and looking through those early archives, I can say with complete confidence that the topics, content, and writing have VASTLY improved from those very, very early days.

(Things I learned to stop writing about in this forum: general politics and dumb celebrities. I have to write about both enough during my day job. I do promise to bring back more of the random music writings.)

Nevertheless, there have been highlights, and how does one celebrate a blog’s birthday? With ego puffery and some of my favorite writings that wound up getting posted, first. Here are my favorite posts of the past year.

One year of blogging, and still going. The funny thing is that there’s a community out there, and I’ve stumbled into one with my News Team mates and plenty of other folks out there on the eBays. If I link to all of you, it’d last forever, so I’d like to thank all of you who linked, commented, and just read the site at all.

Programming Reminder.

Live-blog of the Chargers-Pats Sunday night game will be at Awful Announcing yet again this evening at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific. I’m planning a pre-game open thread this time, so that will probably be up at 7 PM Eastern. Please join me at AA’s with your spying jokes, Brady baby gags, riffing on Belichick’s ratty-ass hoodie, and anything NORV! related.

Back later in the morning with the reflections of 15 hours of college football viewing after sleep.

Sunday Night Is Live-Blog Night In America.

Reminder: I’ll be live-blogging Sunday Night Football tonight over at Awful Announcing, after months of rust post-NCAA tourney. However, this is the Giants vs. the Cowboys, which means plenty of Romo jokes and picture of Eli Manning acting silly. Join me at 5 PM Pacific, won’t you? I steal from the comments liberally and credit them, too — we do it as half-live blog and half Hugh Johnson.

TV Notes: At least I get the Broncos vs. the Bills on CBS. It will make up for having the Lions and the Raiders forced on me this afternoon instead of Bears/Chargers.

Cheap Shots #62: The Juice Is Dead. Long Live The Juice.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Yours truly will be live-blogging Sunday Night Football throughout the season (hopefully all 17 games) over at Awful Announcing. Join me this Sunday as I chronicle the clusterfuck of having nine analysts where four would do fine and since it is the Giants vs. the Cowboys, the numerous instances of Manning Face on Eli.

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