About S2N

I am a recovering musician and a pro and college sports semi-obsessive, working in television news. I live somewhere between L.A. and the Bay Area, in university-town California, wreaking havoc upon its airwaves and whiskey supply. Generally, my fandom encompasses teams in both L.A. and Denver (the two major cities where I have lived), save an unnatural, life-long love of the New York Mets inherited from my father.

I have contributed at varying levels to Awful Announcing, Deadspin, and Sports by Brooks.

Email all your tips, interesting links, complaints, etc. to s2nblog@gmail.com.

14 Responses

  1. So you’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress?

  2. Mike – yeah. All the archives from Blogger have been moved over here, but I’m not going to delete the Blogger site — all links in stories will still work. I just hope everyone will change their blogrolls over.

  3. I like the new site. May have to move myself. /jealousy

  4. Hey S2N…
    Like the blog – added you to my blogroll.
    Keep the good stuff coming…

  5. As in “Exceptional Insight through Authoritative Utterance”?

  6. Temple – exceptional? If you think so, well, thank you.

  7. cool site but r those calendar pix of the lpga winner for real ??? give her a break bud :-)

  8. added you to blogroll !!! hope to read something different about your different life and your hoping to watch your perspective towards life to be different because you are a different person…
    enjoy blogging…………

  9. Hey, this is a great blog…. Keep up the good work.

  10. Hey, very good work. I enjoy it. Mind if I add to my blogroll? I’m over at http://feetinthepaint.wordpress.com. Thanks!

  11. Please forward information on a link exchange with our site gridironblogs.com.

    Jim Hewitt

  12. Hi webmaster!

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  14. I know that special place you live baby. me too..home of the SLO. I knew it as soon as i saw the picture at the top of your page. Its clearly the bleachers at Alex G. Spanos Stadium.

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