Not Saying Goodbye, Just Saying

If you’ve noticed the prolonged absence of yours truly and the paucity of work put into this blog lately, well, yeah, I hear you, and there’s a good reason for that. I had been knee-deep in the job hunting and search process, because it was just time to consider a move — not because I loathed my job or anyone I worked with; that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Well, I was successful, and in about five weeks, I’m moving to Portland to start a new gig and a new part of my life. The problem is that, for various reasons, this blog, and any other I’ve contributed to, can’t be a part of it right now.  The legal no man’s land of working in media dictates that, and I’d rather not do this than consider if anything (or everything) I write would endanger it. Plus, I’ve never made any money off this blog, and what I made as a contributor to others was not a massive part of my income. It will likely be unnecessary with the move to a larger market with a lower cost of living. (California rent and taxes eat like a Labrador retriever.)


So, until further notice, I’m closing up shop, without any complaints or particular regrets outside of writing more and writing better pieces. It’s been nothing short of a fun and rewarding experience, interacting with the commentariat, writing for other folks at Awful Announcing, Sports By Brooks, and Conquest Chronicles, and this forum and platform have introduced me to friends whom I’m thankful to have as part of my life, no matter how big or small y’all actually are.

I’ll still probably be around, lurking and commenting on blogs and Twitter appears to be a serious addiction.  It seems like a rather opportune time to jump out, because to be honest, the fun had started to drain right out of the entire matter.  When that sort of thing starts riding around and you’re tired of trolling sites for the latest blow-up to make a point about, but don’t have the time to really put into a piece that you feel is more important, it’s time to re-evaluate the motivation.  The pleasure of writing on a fun subject became less fun as I considered whether it was unique enough for someone to care to read or whether it was truly “good” enough to be farmed out to the Big Boys for linking purposes (I do mean it when I say thank you for anyone who has ever linked back to me, whether I sent something to you or not.)

The community is great and I’ll still be a part of it, just not an active, writing part. I’m content with that. So, thank you, to every one of you who read, linked, e-mailed, or chatted with me in some fashion over the past two years.

(Note: if I ever do start up again, it won’t be on WordPress. I’ve soured on this since the redesign here.)

30 Responses

  1. Man…good news for you personally, bad news for the blogging world. I know you said we’ll see you around, but it just won’t be the same. I might actually have to EMAIL you to get your opinions on things now.

  2. Best of luck on the other side

  3. I don’t want you to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with the new job, but this sucks that we won’t get a dose of Rat Fink rants.

  4. Good luck with everything

  5. Big ups, lawya.

  6. Hizzah and bestest of luck to a fellow book club member!

  7. Good luck on the move and new job. You’re gonna do just fine; I can feel it.

  8. Good luck with everything!

  9. It was great reading your pieces. Best of luck with everything. Definitely enjoyed it and will be missed. C=

  10. Thanks, everyone.

  11. day late.
    hey man, you did great work here. hopefully after ruminating on things for while, you’ll find another outlet that has all the rewards that this one did. in the meantime enjoy portland. that city is pretty ill.
    -skeleton69 (lost that account somehow)

  12. Oh, sorry, didn’t read this at first before sending that e-mail. It’s a shame to lose you, but at least it’s b/c things are looking up and getting better. Later.

  13. best of luck. keep it real…or something.

  14. God Bless!!!

  15. Sorry to see you go and best of luck.

    Do me a favor though, if you ever see Ryan Leaf out there, punch him in the nuts for me.

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  17. How is Twitter cool, but the blogging a problem?

    Just curious.

    • Big Man – if this makes any sense, I have an endless stream of consciousness and cracks, but absolutely nothing interesting in long-form right now, and right now, I don’t miss feeling like I have to come up with something worth writing about.

      That need to write long-form for a blog might come back, but it hasn’t yet.

  18. Just came across your apparently now dormant blog — very cool stuff! Like my favorite newspaper columnists back in the day. Good luck with your future endeavors!

  19. Interesting blog. I hope you will post again soon.

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  22. noooooo, please don’t go!

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  27. It’s such a shame. I still hope you’ll eventually come to your senses and start writing this blog again :)

  28. Good luck on the move and new job.

  29. good luck for the new job , and good luck for my Ravens Jersey

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