Last Week Left

Ugh, 7-9 last week, 125-115 on the season. I should give up this picking business next season.

FALCONS (-14) over Rams – Atlanta is still playing for playoff positioning while St. Louis will be running out anyone and everyone to see who doesn’t want to get cut in the off-season.

Patriots (-6.5) over BILLS – More desperate team that still needs help. New England will not make Denver’s mistakes.

Chiefs (+2.5) over BENGALS – Kansas City’s best chance not to choke one away.

PACKERS (-10.5) over Lions – 0-16, ahoy! The Lions haven’t won at Lambeau in forever and despite GB’s defense screwing them, the Pack does not want to be the team that gives up a win.

Bears (+3) over TEXANS – Chicago needs it to have a shot at the playoffs; Houston is trying to build for next year. Expect the Bears’ D to step up.

COLTS (+3) over Titans – Sorgi-Young Bowl? Probably not, considering the lessons Tony Dungy got last year about resting people. Besides, going in on a nine-game winning streak is what you want.

Giants (+7) over VIKINGS – Not sure who will win, but I’m guessing it will be closer than a touchdown, and that Tom Coughlin will play some guys for a half, although probably not Brandon Jacobs.

Panthers (-2) over SAINTS – New Orleans has no way to stop the rushing attack of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

STEELERS (-11) over Browns – Just leave Ken Dorsey on the ground, and not maimed.

BUCS (-13) over Raiders – Jon Gruden will take this personally, obviously, and they need it for a shot at the playoffs.

Jaguars (+12.5) over RAVENS – Not that Baltimore will lose or anything, but it’s not going to be that big a differential. Jacksonville plays well (at least mediocre) on the road.

Dolphins (+3) over JETS – The Revenge of Chad will be complete upon the Jersey Bretts. At least Mangini will be secure in knowing Coach Hobo won’t make the playoffs either.

Cowboys (+1) over EAGLES – I have no information available to suggest that Andy Reid will do anything regarding proper play-calling and personnel use in order to assist Donovan McNabb. Expect the aggressive Dallas blitz to get to Donny Mac a couple times because his receivers can’t get open.

Seahawks (+6.5) over CARDINALS – Arizona will go limping into a home playoff game to be sacrificed to either the Cowboys, Eagles, or Buccaneers.

49ERS (-3) over Redskins – Washington’s looked pretty lifeless the last few games save last week’s win against Philly, and their defense got an assist from Andy Reid.

Broncos (+8) over CHARGERS – Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Bolts’ defense isn’t 8 points good, no matter who wins. If it’s not a close shootout, it’s due to bad execution on Denver’s part — not because SD is any great shakes defenisvely.


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