News League, Semi-Finals Week Recap

Quick and to the pointless:

Area Man 113.79, Monday Night Jihadis 94.68 – 20 from Andre Johnson and 18 from MoJo Drew spurred Marco on to the win after a bye week, and I have only the utter failure of DeSean Jackson and Brian Westbrook to garner 20 points combined to blame. This seemed like not too much to ask for against the Browns, but so be it.

Twisted Fister 106.53, Matt Jones’ Yayo 88.96 – Solely based on 26 from Michael Turner, 20+ from Steve Smith, and 20+ from the Jets defense, but that’s damn good for RUTS.

Pyle of List 110.45, APIAS FTW 2.0 79.29 – 25 points on 4 TDs for Matt Cassel will seal a victory for 5th place.

So, already underway, we have the 1 and 2 seeds in Marco and RUTS going for first place and my team taking on BP for third.

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