A Fortnight Left

Last week: an awful 5-11. Season: 118-106. Home in CAPS.

Colts (-6) over JAGUARS – Looking good so far (Twittered this in this mornig.)  The Jags done gave up.

Ravens (+4) over COWBOYS – Dallas is more desperate; Baltimore’s defense is falt out better.

Bengals (+2.5) over BROWNS – On the premise that Ryan Fitzpatrick has been under center longer than Ken Dorsey.

Saints (-7) over LIONS – Detroit’s last, best cahnce, although considering how bad the Packers are playing, maybe not. However, too much Drew Brees to handle.

CHIEFS (+4) over Dolphins – Arrowhead game. KC covers in those games, then blows an actual chance to win in spectacular fashion.  Herm Edwards is living on borrowed time with Carl Petersen taking a hike.

PATRIOTS (-7.5) over Cardinals – If Arizona and Denver/San Diego squared in a battle of the Worst Division Champion, who would take it?

49ers (-5.5) over RAMS – SF loses the games against good teams. Last week against Miami was evidence enough. They drove down the field repeatedly but couldn’t come up with end zone success. That won’t be quite as hard in St. Louis.

Steelers (-1.5) over TITANS – No Albert Haynesworth, plenty of problems. That defense rotates around him; he’s the anchor for it. And this is a bad week to have both LenDale White and Chris Johnson in your fantasy playoffs. (Oy!)

BUCCANEERS (-3.5) over Chargers – San Diego has played horribly away from the Whale’s Vagina and Tampa Bay has not lost at home this year.  Problem: Bucs have a gimpy Jeff Garcia. Thing is, either he or Brian Griese won’t get much of a challenge from the SD secondary.

BRONCOS (-6.5) over Bills – It will be acaemic eventually because San Diego stands a damn good chance to lose and lose the division, but the Broncos could at least save some face and defeat a team that’s clearly in disarray.

Texans (-7) over RAIDERS – Oakland has thrown in the towel on Tom Cable; it did so long ago.  Meanwhile, Houston would like to prove it has something to build on for next year, and an actual wide receiver in Andre Johnson.

SEAHAWKS (+3.5) over Jets – The Jersey Bretts have nothing but fail marked on them whenever they have to travel to the West Coast. On the other side, it’s easy to conclude that Seattle just got cursed with the injury bug hard, which is what’s caused their problems (shittiness is different from hard luck.)  The Jets’ secondary will fail it once again.

Falcons (+3.5) at VIKINGS – More atteniton on Tarvaris Jackson because he’s actually starting, plus Atlanta, while not great at defense, is not a pushover like Arizona was. Also: Vikes missing Pat Williams in the middle of their D-line = big fat dose of Michael Turner up the middle.

Eagles (-5.5) over REDSKINS – There’s nothing good to speak of about the way that Washington is playing right now, when Jim Zorn starts looking like a rookie head coach.

Panthers (+3) over GIANTS – Carolina’s D isn’t hte force that Dallas’ can be, but having a superstar receiver is better tha not having one.

BEARS (-4) over Packers – Green Bay can’t defend the run. Matt Forte, take your mark.


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