News League Recap, Week 14

Only two matches to note, as this was the first week of the playoffs and two of the six teams had a bye:

Monday Night Jihadis 147.13, Pyle of List 85.14 – Even Tony Romo throwing three picks didn’t matter for me, as 32 points from Antonio Bryant, 30 more from Brian Westbrook, and touchdowns from Chris Johnson and LenDale White poured it on. The only offensive players Pyle could get in the double digits were Matt Cassel and Brandon Marshall.

Matt Jones’ Yayo 81.55, APIAS FTW 2.0 78.14 – All about chipping in for AA, as Kerry Collins, Adrian Peterson, Ryan Grant, Stephen Gostowski, and the Titans’ D all had double digit scores.  The Pudge crew got screwed when its running backs came up with nothing much at all.

This week:

  • The Jihadis take on the first place Area Man and the Yayo runs up against Twisted Fister, fresh from their bye weeks.
  • APIAS and Pyle square off for 5th place.

One Response

  1. is there a 5th (or 6th) place trophy?

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