A-Rod & Good PR Are Obviously A Lost Cause

arodboatshotDefending Alex Rodriguez on the field is a tough act, these days, because every decision he makes off of it continually obscures how talented a player he is and only focuses people on how badly he has played at times during the playoffs during his tenure in New York.

And he continues to shoot himself in the foot. Talking too much to the media about his feelings, getting caught with strippers, a nasty divorce from his wife Cynthia.  The whole hooking up with Madonna thing was a final jump of the shark; the merging of Hollywood goosip farce with the man possessing the most artifice in the major leagues, or at least the most concerned with artifice.

Now he really has to compound it by deciding to switch teams in the World Baseball Classic and play for the Dominican Republic, according to David Ortiz — he played for the U.S. in the inaugural contest after a huge amount of hemming and hawing over whether to choose the country of his parents’ birth and that of his own.

I can empathize with that sort of identity thing, but baseball is, at its heart, a curiously American thing and particularly nationalistic: you’re really better off sticking with the country of birth, particularly if you played for them the last go-round.

If Rodriguez confirms it, it’s just gonna give ever more baseball fans a reason to dislike him and find him completely lacking in any personal conviction.  Of course, that means there have to be fans left that believe he has any desire than to try to be everything to everyone (and fail miserably at it.)


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