Cheap Shots: Defending Stephon

  • He may be an ass, but he does right by the community, and frankly, if my bosses told me I wasn’t wanted and then came back begging, I wouldn’t help them either. [Sports on My Mind]
  • I believe there are at least six new terms for reach-arounds in this slice of what Mizzou’s coach might be really thinking about the Big 12 Championship. [EDSBS]
  • Some new takes on celebrating a score. [The Money Shot]
  • One soccer fan takes refereeing matters into his own hands. [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Test how well you know where big time college football coaches went to school themselves. [Simon on Sports]
  • Evaluating how Oral Roberts’ hoops team prays to make a splash this year. [Storming the Floor]
  • A solid preview of this weekend’s De La Hoya-Pacquiao fight, provided by Large of No Mas. [Sporting Blog]
  • Yes, another dipshit Congresscritter has decided that the DOJ has nothing better to do than investigate the BCS. [Dr. Saturday]

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