Picks Full O’ Tryptophan

marinellilionsLast week: 9 -7. Season: 95-81. Home teams in CAPS, while you struggle with that itis post-turkey. Hopefully you have nice enough family members to where you’re not forced to watch Detroit go to 0-12.

Titans (-11) over LIONS – Burtal O-and-D lines are the death of Detroit when it comes to covering. They cover when they are not completely destroyed on the lines. Tennessee is raging after its first loss and will gash them. Find a reason to talk to your family during this game. It’s really not worth the trouble.

COWBOYS (-12.5) over Seahawks – Looking competent against the Skins may have more to do with homefield. God help the Seattle secondary with Romo throwing better.

Cardinals (+3) over EAGLES – It’s official policy of this blog to bet against the Eagles barring some sort of complete inadequacy facing them as an opponent. I’ve given up on Brian Westbrook being healthy again and any benefit of the doubt Andy Reid got as a game caller with Marty Mornihweg has been absolutely obliterated in the past two weeks. The only way Philly has a shot is if Jim Johnson’s D gets ahold of Kurt Warner and destroys his cybernetic circuits early and often.

Colts (-5) over BROWNS – Braylon Edwards has an amazing case of the dropsies, Brady Quinn is out for the season, leaving them with a lead-footed Derek Anderson when he doesn’t have as much offensive protection as he did last year. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning is ready to ride a resurgent offense and some kind calls by the refs to a Wild Card spot.

Ravens (-7) over BENGALS – Ray Lewis sees Ryan Fitzpatrick as an old stuffed toy to throw around until it’s in pieces.

Dolphins (-7.5) over RAMS – The cupboard is as bare in St. Louis as it is in Detroit.

49ers (+6.5) over BILLS – Hunching, really. One annihilation of KC does not mean the Bills are back yet, but I can’t say where the Niners get the points from.

PACKERS (-3) over Panthers – Green Bay usually bounces back after a bad loss, wins, then loses again. This is the “win” time of the equation.

Saints (+3.5) over BUCS – Drew Brees is a machine and he’s already bested the TB defense once, although he had a couple more weapons there.  Tampa can’t go down 17-0 to New Orleans like they did in Detroit. Frankly, going down 10 may be a problem.

Giants (-3.5) over REDSKINS – Washington is just collectively second-tier compared to the Giants — 11 weeks later and nothing has changed in terms of this rivalry, although the Skins are playing loads better.

Falcons (+5) over CHARGERS – Boy, do you want a set-up?  Matt Ryan outthrows ball-hawking secondary when he has to, but most of the dirty work is done by Michael Turner against his old team.  At what point is a .250 winning percentage cause for concern, SD?

PATRIOTS (-1) over Steelers – This is probably the toughest pick of the week because I don’t know if the Patriots’ defense can put the rush on Ben Roethlisberger, because everyone knows that Pitt O-line is weak. I’m going to bet that Matt Cassel can’t throw for 400 yards for a third straight game — he isn’t Brees — but he’s got enough command of the offense to win.

Broncos (+8) over JETS – Not a pick to win. I have no illusions about that. I think Jay Cutler and the man he is so obviously patterned after, Brett Favre, will have a shootout.

RAIDERS (-3) over Chiefs – When you have to pick bottom feeders, it’s usually a home-team style pick. This really isn’t any different. God help you if you have to watch this on TV on Sunday.

VIKINGS (-3.5) over Bears – Minny just outshines teams at home in the Metrodome. When medicrities clash, go with that if you can.

TEXANS (-3) over Jaguars – There’s nothing to like about the way the Jags are headed. They totally coughed it up at home against an equally mediocre Minnesota team, and would need Sage Rosenfels to repeat a 4-turnover performance, I think.


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