News League Recap, Week 12

One week to go until the playoffs start, and four of six playoff spots have been locked up. Four teams still have a shot at the last two slots:

*1. Area Man 9-3-0 .750 1194.51 W-5
*2. Twisted Fister 8-4-0 .667 1188.49 W-4
*3. APIAS FTW 2.0 7-5-0 .583 1112.52 L-1
*4. Pyle of List 7-5-0 .583 1080.83 W-1
5. Monday Night Jihadis 6-6-0 .500 1040.88 L-2
6. Matt Jones’ Yayo 6-6-0 .500 1023.35 W-1
7. Kellen Me Softly 5-7-0 .417 1067.59 W-2
8. Chocolate Squirrels 5-7-0 .417 971.02 L-1
9. Why So Jerious? 4-8-0 .333 1057.68 L-2
10. TSW 3-9-0 .250 999.69 L-5

Area Man 126.85, Why So Jerious? 111.00 – 20+ from DeAngelo Williams and nearly 40 from the Tampa Bay defense keeps Marco in first place by beating OPS and his 37-point scoring Baltimore defense. (Something tells me I need to fiddle with the D-points for next season.)

Twisted Fister 109.56, Chocolate Squirrels 80.24 – 26 for Aaron Rodgers and 25 for Matt Forte help provide RUTS with his margin of victory, despite 27 from Randy Moss to help OMDQ.

Pyle of List 120.88, APIAS FTW 2.0 109.96 – Pyle benefits from the development of Matt Cassel to the tune of 39 points, plus 31 from the Chicago defense. This is enough to top the combined effort of nearly 30 from Drew Brees and 25 from Houston’s defense.

Kellen Me Softly 103.72, TSW 79.39 – Eric stays in playoff contention by having only three starters not score in double figures, taking advantage of a distracted TSW, who was otherwise occupied.

Matt Jones’ Yayo 85.04, Monday Night Jihadis 66.68 – AA overcomes Donovan McNabb scoring negative points for him thanks to a breakout day from Saints WR Lance Moore.  I had no one do anything if his name wasn’t Tony Romo.

Starting tomorrow: the Jihadis and the Squirrels square off; the Yayo has the semi-absent TSW to face off with; Eric takes on Marco in the Storming the Floor Bowl, fighting for a playoff spot. APIAS and the Fister will duke it out for 2nd place rights and a bye, while Jerious will try and knock Pyle down a peg.


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