Pickin’ For The Road

santoniobengalsLast week: 8-8. Season: 86-74.

By the way, I am counting tonight’s Steeler win because I Twittered a pick at 8:30 AM. Quote:

oh, and since I forgot to write a picks column before leaving: STEELERS (-10.5) over Bengals. Tomlin and Arians are not Reid style wusses.”

There you go. On to the rest of this week’s fun:

BROWNS (-3) over Texans – Brady Quinn is shaky, hyped-up, and probably the best thing for Cleveland right now. He’ll get a confidence booster against a Texans team with good skill players in the Slaton/Green tandem and Andre Johnson — but they don’t have a QB.

CHIEFS (+3) over Bills – Not to harp on it, but Trent Edwards is going through the growing pains and Tyler Thigpen is still acquitting himself well in losses. What better week for it to pay off than against a Buffalo team running off the rails?

Patriots (+1) over DOLPHINS – Miami has been pulling wins out of its ass against mediocre to bad teams. The Patriots are on the good end of mediocre, and I doubt Bill Belichick will be caught lead-footed on the Wildcat twice. Field goal win.

JETS (+5.5) over Titans – If you really want to pick a team to knock Tennessee off its unbeaten perch, try either the Jets or the Colts, because of the Favre factor involved — he could have a monster game that Kerry Collins and the running back tandem can’t come back from.  However, if LenDale White and Chris Johnson are given the ball a ton, they can play ball control. Make mine three or four points.

RAVENS (-1) over Eagles – Philly could ball-hawk Joe Flacco big time, but the Ravens could run all over them and Andy Reid refuses to use his best weapon in Brian Westbrook. This is where the Iggles keep falling.  I keep wondering if Donovan McNabb really said he didn’t know a game could end in a tie because he wanted out of Reid’s lousy system.

COWBOYS (-10.5) over 49ers – You want an easy tune-up for Tony Romo to really get back in the swing? Give him and Marion Barber a steady diet of the 49ers.  Shaun Hill was the NFC Offensive Player of the Week — but it really shouldn’t count if it’s against the Rams.

LIONS (+7.5) over Bucs – Not to win, mind you. This isn’t where Detroit gets off the 0-16 track; I don’t know where that is. They’ve covered the last two weeks and barring a complete defensive shut-down on the part of TB (entirely possible!), they’ll do it again.

JAGUARS (-2.5) over Vikings – I don’t believe Minny’s won this year on natural grass and they’re not a great road team. Jacksonville is 1-4 at home, though, and something has to give. After last week’s slaughter, let’s go with Jacksonville.

Bears (-8) over RAMS – Chicago has to cover, don’t they? Otherwise, it’s a complete joke of a chance they have to get to the playoffs.

BRONCOS (-9.5) over Raiders – I’m going over the possibilities that Oakland even has of covering in Mile High: Jay Cutler has to throw at least two picks on his own side of the field, Darren McFadden has to be available and playing out of his mind…too much “if” here.

FALCONS (-1) over Panthers – Jake Delhomme has hit a serious swoon and has been bailed out by DeAngelo Williams.  Look for a running battle, and Matt Ryan will play well enough to keep Atlanta from taking a second loss at home this week.

GIANTS (-3.5) over Arizona – Yes, Brandon Jacobs is probably out with a knee, but Arizona’s not covering; anything within 10 points should be considered a moral victory and proof that the Cardinals are at least legit. If they get blown out, then we have to merely say that they are the best of a shitty division and will do no damage in the playoffs.

Redskins (-3.5) over SEAHAWKS – Varsity flys cross-country to whoop the JV’s ass. Unfortunately for Seattle, that whole cross-country flight thing doesn’t really work so much for teams coming over from the East Coast.

Colts (+2.5) over CHARGERS – An absolutely awful time for the Bolts to have to host Indy: Peyton is feeling it again and San Diego is coming off a very bad performance in Pittsburgh that continues to indicate further problems with the defense and issues getting in the end zone for the offensive unit. Shootout is a possibility with the game being in SoCal. The Chargers will be three games back in the AFC West and will need a miracle after this Sunday.

Packers (+2.5) over SAINTS – Green Bay has to have Ryan Grant available in order to keep Drew Brees off the field. The Saints beat bad teams, not ones on the good end of mediocre.


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