The Picks Continue Despite Lack Of Actual Skill

hobomangeniusLast week: 7-6. Season: 78-66.

PATRIOTS (-3) over Jets – Still not sold on the New York Bretts, even less so now that Matt Cassel and BenJavrus Green-Ellis seem to be doing okay. I am concerned about the Pats’ defense being completely shot with Adalius Thomas gone, but it’s home field and they’ll be gunning for Favraro.

Broncos (+6) at FALCONS – Denver scores quickly, Atlanta will want to slow the pace down by rushing. 3 or 4 point margin for this one.

COLTS (-8.5) over Texans – Houston just has an itty bitty lack of a quarterback problem. Matt Schaub’s hurt too much and Sage Rosenfels is good for a minimum of three turnovers.

DOLPHINS (-10) over Raiders – Al Davis pulls playcalling from O-coordinator Greg Knapp (so who does it go to now?) and they cut DeAngelo Hall after trading a 2nd and a 5th round pick for him and extending his contract. He’s now with the Skins.  This team is absolutely adrift.

GIANTS (-6.5) over Ravens – NY’s D-line at home in the Meadowlands teeing off against a rookie QB. Seems like not too bad a call to make. Joe Flacco’s been playing very well, but….

PANTHERS (-14) over Lions – This will probably be a brutalizing of epic proportions. Jake Delhomme’s atrocious perforamnce last week should probably be rectified — he doesn’t play two consecutive shitty games in a row when healthy.

BENGALS (+9) over Eagles – Not like Cincy’s gonna win, but Andy Reid can and will screw up a blowout with a couple of bad play calls.

Bears (PICK) over Packers – It’s not like Green Bay can stop a running game right now. Matt Forte will have an insane game on Sunday.

CHIEFS (+5.5) over Saints – Arrowhead, no weapons for Drew Brees, improving KC team….watch Herm fuck it up and lose by 3.

BUCS (-3.5) over Vikings – The difference between Tampa Bay and Green Bay, besides the weather and the state?  The Buccaneers can actually put a body on a running back.

49ERS (-6.5) over Rams – San Francisco has to win this, don’t they? The Rams are doing everything to fall apart in the battle of interim coaches.

Cardinals (-3) over SEAHAWKS – Three points? That’s it? Really?  Come on. The Kurt Warner Cyborg to Boldin and Fitzgerald all afternoon on Seattle’s lousy secondary? Did I miss an injury report or something?

TITANS (-3) over Jaguars – Mediocre Jax team that showed life against the Lions. Everyone shows life against the Lions. Benefit of the doubt goes to the undefeated.

STEELERS (-4.5) over Chargers – I’d be concerned about the Pitt offensive line except for the fact that the Chargers’ defense hasn’t sacked a whole lot of people this year.

REDSKINS (-1.5) over Cowboys – Giving Dallas a 1.5 to overcome is not a whole lot, considering how thoroughly sub-par they’ve been without Romo, and they were looking kind of mediocre with him at times. Washington palys ball control with Clinton Portis and wins by a touchdown.

Browns (+5) over BILLS – Romeo Crennel’s defense absolutley blows chunks this year. It has actually downgraded from last season and I was not aware that it was possible.  But hte Bills can’t get anything going on offense when Trent Edwards is turning the ball over.


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  1. I spent about an hour last night looking at the Seattle game. Hasselbeck will be back, but a bit rusty I would think.

    Given that this coaching staff and most of the players for Arizona have never won in Seattle, I don’t think they assume an easy win. If this is a trap, I’m falling right into it.

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