Proposition Hate

Yes, it’s the second time I’ve written about the attempt to put a ban on same-sex marriage in California’s constitution, but damn it, this matters: an influx of $20 million plus from the Latter-Day Saints has fueled the ads behind the Yes on 8 campaign in just the latest effort from the Lifestyle Police to dictate how other people’s rigths are determined.

I’ve never quite understood why folks get up in arms about gays or lesbians getting married. The ads against it say it’s about religious expression being threatened, kids having to learn about gay marriage in schools, or having the “will of the people” negated by state judges (and they never forget to mention that those California Supreme Court judges are based in San Francisco.) Arguments like that hold no water in front of this basic truth: once the federal and state governments got themselves in the business of giving legal rights to marriage (joint tax filing, hospital rights, etc.), same-sex marriage was the inevitable, and proper conclusion left in front of the state court when faced with Proposition 22’s constitutional basis.

Now, we have the bad precedent of Proposition 8, which, if passed, codifies the removal of civil rights into a state’s constitution — an absolutely noxious thought, when you consider that in many of the pro-8 ads, that if you simply substituted interracial marriage for same-sex marriage, no sane person would think it was such a great idea to write into a state’s constitution.

There is very little at stake in California as far as presidential politics go, but this is my motivating reason to get up and go to the polls before I head to work later in the afternoon: to give the morality and lifestyle police a big loss.

2 Responses

  1. It’s simple, really… different = bad. And bad, in the minds of these morons, leads to the downfall of our society. And here I was thinking that our fore-fathers had come to this land to escape Puritanism. Silly me…

  2. holy shit. today kind of sucked since we had to wait all day for the results, but tomorrow will be the best day since roughly eight years ago.

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