Horses At Heel


I’m skipping this week’s general rundown of NFL games because I feel like I need to focus on the morass the Broncos are in and I haven’t written specifically on them in some time.

It’s bad enough that I tend towards the pessimistic with this team for the past few years.  Watching Mike Shanahan burn through offensive philosophies and, as of late, coordinators, will do that.  I fully expect Bob Slowik to be fired after the season is over; I’m surprised he wasn’t canned before Ted Cottrell. (Of course, there is the whole “Cottrell’s defense actually cost the Chargers wins” thing, but the same deal kind of applies. It only happened more often to San Diego.)

What I saw out of the higlights and limited, pirated-TV action from Mile High when the Dolphins came to town was a team that didn’t have the personnel to play defense, let alone know how to tackle properly.  Of course, it does not help when the current young and talented quarterback at the helm of the offense has somehow managed to make me wonder if Jake Plummer ever really left the team.  Belief that you can make any throw is a great thing, but belief doesn’t necessarily make it so — three picks will prove that real easy.

And Brandon Marshall is already getting his T.O. on — he’s more right that we’d admit, but it’s not probably the best thing to say on mike:

“When the quarterback sees 1-high or cover-1 (coverage), he’s got to be on the same page as me and get the ball to me,” Marshall said. “But it’s a team game, and oh, well.”

Eh.  Offensive problems aside, the whole defense, with no Champ Bailey, no D.J. Williams, that doesn’t matters. Michael Pittman and Andre Hall are now on IR — so that’s a hit to the Tailback Factory, and where else do we go from here?

If it weren’t Norv Turner in charge of the Chargers, I would say that we were dead in the water. And we probably are dead in the water, depending on whether Ron Rivera can make hay with a 3-4 defense now. However, the Broncos right now are falling apart at the worst time — when they could take advantage of their crappy division.

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