The Shakedown: All Hail West Texas!

Because that’s where all the action will be this Saturday, with all eyes on Lubbock, as Colt McCoy takes the Longhorns into the heart of Mike Leach’s Pirate Academy, better known as Texas Tech’s Jones AT&T Stadium.

Week 10’s Top 10:

  1. Texas – Deconstructing Missouri and holding on against Oklahoma State keeps you on top, and it helps to have a quarterback completing 85% of his passes. It’s like Chad Pennington with deep ball skills here. Lordy.  If they get out of Lubbock with a win they run the table. I know it means playing Kansas and probably Mizzou again in a Big 12 Championship game, but Tech is the most loaded of these teams.
  2. Alabama – I actually feel good about keeping them at #2 now, because Nick Saban and his running game invaded Neyland and destroyed what little confidence Tennessee fans had left in any part of the Vols season that didn’t involve Eric Berry.  The Tide finally owned a second half.
  3. Penn State – It was Ohio State, but it was by a 13-6 margin, not exactly the domination it probably should have been.  I don’t want to hate on Joe Paterno, and I admire the work his staff has done with the offense, but if all of the top three win out and the Nittany Lions are left out, I don’t think anyone outside the Big 10 will be crying foul.
  4. Texas Tech – Ripping up a can of 60+ point whoopass on Kansas while holding them to less than 40 is a hell of an accomplishment, and given the offenses in conference, that’s a good defense Tech has to go with the Graham Harrell-to-Michael Crabtree connection.
  5. Georgia – OK, Matthew Stafford, I see you can throw and deconstruct a what was considered a good defense in LSU. I bet you can do it again this week too.
  6. Oklahoma – If you’re going to run up 55 pointts in the first half against Kansas State and allow them to sniff a three-score margin when you don’t play D, you could reassure us by getting more than three points in the second half.
  7. Florida – I may wind up eating this one come Saturday and the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, but I’m betting it ends for Florida here, despite all the offensive speed. Georgia can play ball control with its pro sets and keep Tim Tebow, Jeff Demps, and Percy Harvin off the field.
  8. USC – It’s not whether the Trojans will be in or out of the Top 10 come next week. I don’ t understand how the BCS computers have them fifth (it’s probably the whole not scheduling I-AA cupcakes thing), but it won’t be if they beat Washington. It’s whether they can match the 69 they put up on Wazzu two weeks ago instead of looking lost against Arizona.
  9. Oklahoma State – They just couldn’t keep up quite enough with Texas, and have to go for a bit of a fall. It’s a shame all the really good Big 12 teams are stuck in the South save Mizzou.
  10. Boise State – Kellen Moore has been better than expected at QB, and Chris Peterson has done this whole BCS crashing thing before, remember? It seems like the path for the Broncos is easier than the one for Utah. The Utes tend to have lapses at inopportune times, and why do I suspect their loss will come against BYU?

Games I’m Hoping to Watch That Don’t Involve the Above 10 Teams:

  • Northwestern @ Minnesota (-5.5) – For solidarity with my dad, the N’Western alum, but with injuries, they just might lose to Tim Brewster’s revival project in Minnesota. Would actually like to see how good the Gophers are on TV.
  • Kansas State (+11) @ Kansas – Hooray, shootout!
  • Pitt @ Notre Dame (-5.5) – The Wannstache visiting Fat Charlie. Worth it for mocking the coaches alone.
  • Florida State @ Georgia Tech (+1.5) – Because watching the flexbone is fun, and BEEEEEEEEEES. Also: because fuck FSU, that’s why.
  • Tennessee @ South Carolina (-6) – Which team can look more offensively inept? This will garner check-ins from games with competent teams on that factor (although not to the level that Auburn-Mississippi State did; nothing can match that.)

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  1. crabtree is fun to watch

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