News League Recap, Week 8

Yes, I’m aware I missed a recap last week. It was not because I got beat so badly because I benched LenDale White and his three touchdowns for the Titans against KC in Week 8. I’m over that. I swear.


1. APIAS FTW 2.0 6-2-0 .750 720.12 W-1
2. Pyle of List 5-3-0 .625 769.63 W-3
3. Monday Night Jihadis 5-3-0 .625 768.71 W-1
4. Area Man 5-3-0 .625 762.66 W-1
5. Twisted Fister 4-4-0 .500 786.45 L-1
6. TSW 3-5-0 .375 692.69 L-1
7. Kellen Me Softly 3-5-0 .375 678.76 W-2
8. Why So Jerious? 3-5-0 .375 678.55 L-3
9. Matt Jones’ Yayo 3-5-0 .375 665.48 L-1
10. Chocolate Squirrels 3-5-0 .375 653.58 L-2 6 3

Monday Night Jihadis 120.95, Twisted Fister 115.15 – After a castrophic loss by dropping Body by LenDale, I won by running both him and Chris Johnson out there on Monday night against Indy, adding on to Dallas Clark’s TD, Matt Schaub’s three TD passes, and Brian Westbrook’s two scores. This was barely enough to top RUTS, as he got good days from Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith, Houston’s Kevin Walter, and Clinton Portis.

APIAS FTW 2.0 112.19, Matt Jones’ Yayo 73.30 – The Pudge stays on top of the league thanks to 20+ point days from both Drew Brees and Santana Moss to go along with a massive defensive day from Houston. AA only got help from Donovan McNabb and Mewelde Moore to drop to 3-5.

Pyle of List 76.29, TSW 47.29 – If you have one player that scores in double digits for the week, you’re probably going to lose, and this is what happened to TSW, who had everyone shit the bed except for Leon Washington.

Area Man 102.71, Chocolate Squirrels 71.05 – Marco rides LaDainian Tomlinson’s 21 points, Andre Johnson’s 10, and 18 more from DeAngelo Williams to victory.

Kellen Me Softly 83.31, Why So Jerious? 69.39 – Eric is climbing out of the cellar on a 2-game streak thanks to Peyton Manning’s efforst in a loss and double digit days from Marshawn Lynch, Thomas Jones, and Tony Gonzalez. OPS is cursing everyone not named Frank Gore on his roster.

Next week’s matchups:

  • Two 5-3 teams go at it when the Jihadis take on Area Man.
  • TSW battles RUTS the Fister.
  • Kellen tries to make it three in a row as they go up against Pyle of List.
  • Two 3-5 teams match up in Matt Jones Yayo and Why So Jerious?
  • Finally, a worst vs. first as the Chocolate Squirrels try to knock off APIAS FTW 2.0.

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  1. smoke and mirrors my friends, smoke and mirrors

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