Above The Rim: We’re Back

I realize there are NBA recaps without previews. I’ll rectify this no later than Friday, but honestly, I’m still shaking out where teams get slotted and baseball and football own my time. One thing I will assure you: I am NOT jumping on the Rockets bandwagon unless Tracy McGrady makes it through a season without injury.

Lakers 96, Blazers 76 – Portland wound up shooting 34 percent from the field for the game, which is never good against a team with serious offensive talent. Kobe Bryant chipped in 23 and 11 boards, Pau Gasol had all of his 15 points in the first half, and Trevor Ariza added 11 off the bench. Bigger concern: Greg Oden leaving with an ankle sprain after playing for less than 13 minutes.

Celtics 90, Cavaliers 85 – Big ring ceremony, big emotional night at home.  27 points for Paul Pierce led the Cees, but remind me not to watch First Take, because I’m sure Skip Bayless will be on LeBron James for missing a late lay-up and two free throws with 11 seconds left.

Bulls 108, Bucks 95 – Six Bulls scored in double figures, led by Luol Deng’s 21, including #1 draft pick Derrick Rose, who added nine dimes yet dealt with four turnovers. Early impressions say former Chicago coach Scott Skiles, returning to the United Center after getting fired mid-season, is going to have a lot of work to do on defense with his Milwaukee team.


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