Always Sunny In Philadelphia, My Foot

I honestly couldn’t think of a more lousy way for a World Series to end than with the Phillies winning because the weather decided not to cooperate. However, it wasn’t exactly the smartest idea to keep playing and allow it to become a complete game in the fifth in the first place.   The light rain should have promopted a delay to begin with, even though Bud Selig said after hte suspension was declared that he wouldn’t have allowed the series to end on a rain-shortened game.

Now it becomes a bullpen bettale, which doesn’t really favor one team over another at this point, except that the Rays no longer have to deal with Cole Hamels.  No one wants to come back and face an ace all over again, and you’d have every right to excuse Philly fans if they’re a bit paranoid about the concept of what could happen with the Rays’ momentum by getting that 2nd run on a Carlos Pena single with the muck coming down and the base paths looking like mud.

If Selig could get that whole “no playoff series ending in a rainout” deal in the MLB rule book, here’s hoping he does that post-haste.  I understand that rule in the regular season, but playoff games shouldn’t be allowed to end because of the weather.

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