The Red Zone: Getting The Point Across

(Video tip to Black Sports Online.)

Seahawks 34, 49ers 13 – Normally I would not lead with this because there were a litany of better games on, and I was saved from having to watch this travesty by the grace of my local Fox affiliate who rationally decided that no one in our little part of California wanted to watch the Niners get beat. However, it produced the most coherent yet quotable of coach rants from Mike Singletary, who is visibly and understandably frustrated with a quarterback who is responsible for 11 fumbles and 17 interceptions, a tight end that dogged it a bit and cost them 15 yards on a dumb penalty, and a defense that allowed a fullback, a fullback, to gather up 116 yards and two TDs on only four receptions.

Saints 37, Chargers 32 – Essentially, the Chargers stalled themselves early in London, which allowed Drew Brees and whatever mishmash of talent he has catching footballs to get up early and get a lead. 14 penalties for more than 100 penalty yards don’t help, especially when the defense has completely quit or doesn’t have enough to stop any sort of potent offense. The AFC West is slowly morphing into the NFC West, if you can believe it.

Panthers 27, Cardinals 23 – Kurt Warner got the Cards out to a 17-3 lead, but then Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith powered a Carolina comeback in Charlotte, prodded on by an amazing play where Smith looked like he had gone out of bounds on his way to the end zone, but his heel had not touched the sideline while his foot came down near it.

Cowboys 13, Buccaneers 9 – An ugly game in which Tampa Bay essentially got stopped in the red zone when they were able to mount drives, including the last failed drive with less than a minute to go. Brad Johnson threw one TD pass to Roy L. Williams, and if you have any Dallas players on your fantasy teams, I’d advise benching them until Tony Romo comes back.

Jets 28, Chiefs 24 – New York won in spite of Brett Favre as much as they did because of him. The Gunslinger threw three picks, making Tyler Thigpen look like a competent quarterback until Herm Edwards’ late conservative playcalling got int the way. Thigpen finished with two TD passes.

Giants 21, Steelers 14 – Something I’ll never understand about defensive coordinators: you go to all this trouble, if you’re Dick LeBeau, to develop good coverage and blitz schemes to use on Sunday, yet, after your team’s offense gives up and awful safety on a botched punt snap, you play prevent. Of course, when you play prevent, you give up a score, and Eli Manning hitting Kevin Boss to go ahead for good seemed utterly predictable. It would help if Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t spending half the game on his back.

Ravens 29, Raiders 10 – 221-35. That’s the first half yardage from this game. Baltimore pulled out its own offensive wrinkle: splitting QB Joe Flacco wide and bringing in Troy Smith to run the option under center, which worked for a 43-yard bomb to Flacco and several pitches to Ray Rice, who combined with Willis McGahee and LeRon McClain for 150+ yards.

Dolphins 25, Bills 16 – Four fourth-quarter turnovers quashed any good play from Buffalo, and Trent Edwards was responsible for a few of ’em.  Of course, it doesn’t help to have Joey Porter in your face a lot.

Redskins 25, Lions 17 – Vote for Santana! Santana Moss not only caught a TD but returned a punt for one after Washington had started poorly against Detroit. Jason Campbell threw for 328 yards and a TD, also continuing his streak of games without an interception.

Patriots 23, Rams 16 – Matt Cassel threw two picks, but hit Randy Moss for a score and got a pass to Kevin Faulk late that also went for six. New England is 5-2 in what is an evenly mediocre division, and now tied for first place.

Eagles 27, Falcons 14 – Two scores for Brian Westbrook and one for Donovan McNabb, but Atlanta is the latest team to get hosed on some lousy officiating on a punt: the refs called it a muff and a Philly recovery late when the returner didn’t even touch the ball. Coach Mike Smith had used all his time outs earlier, and there were more than 2:00 left in the fourth quarter, so it wasn’t challenged.

Texans 35, Bengals 6 – Kevin Walter caught two of Matt Schaub’s three passing TDs; Andre Johnson added another 100+ yard receiving game. The Bengals are scrambling even further at the halfway point.

Browns 23, Jaguars 17 – With an opportunity to get up on the sinking Colts and needing to put up some fight as the Titans run away with the division, the Jaguars couldn’t do it, as a last minute pass that could have won the game slipped out of Matt Jones’ hands. Maybe if David Garrard had covered the ball in cocaine, he might have held on.

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  1. AZ blew a perfect opportunity yesterday to take control of the division, but nooooooo….

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