Stealing Signals: Four Games In, What Do We See?

A better set of 3 and 4 starters than I anticipated in Philly’s Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton, a team that got Game 1 on the strength of its ace, and took the last two games on its home field in completely different ways offensively: what they did in Game 3 was take a bizarre cincumstance of base running determining who would win (Eric Bruntlett getting hit by a pitch, stealing second, taking third on a throw, and then beating a dinky grounder home for the win an inning after B.J. Upton stole the momentum by stealing second and third and heading home on a wild throw) and a team that finally did in the World Series what it has done all year: put wood to ball and hit ’em out of the band box that is Citizens Bank Park, like Ryan Howard’s done three times in the last two days.

Now, with Cole Hamels posied to do it again in Game 5 and make my prediction of the Rays in 6 look utterly foolish, I’d like to remind the Phillies to go fuck themselves.  What’s now happened is that the entire Pihillies staff, not just Hamels and Brett Myers, are good enough to keep Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria from even gettign a hit in the series (currently 0-29 as a tandem), and it’s clear that if you keep the power base from lighting it up on the road, you win. Now, Tampa’s youth does not serve it well, and Joe Maddon doesn’t have enough tricks or twists in the bg to reinvent the wheel right now. (Not that he should — it would probably wreck his team more in an elminiation situation if he were to make drastic lineup shifts.)

This thing isn’t over, but it feels like we’re writing the obits for the Rays’ very good season and envisioning the parade in Philly — or, if you are me, summoning the hate preserved for them over the season to have just enough spite to say, “Eh, congrtualions. Now, fuck off.”

What? Who really wants to see their team’s rival win it all? No one i know.


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