The Red Zone: Desperate In Dallas

Rams 34, Cowboys 14 – I’m honestly not sure how much better this would have been with Tony Romo available. Brad Johnson threw bad picks, but Romo can be conned into those too, and Steven Jackson’s 160 yards and 2 TDs cemented a lousy day for the Dallas defense if your name wasn’t DeMarcus Ware (who had three sacks on the day.)

Bills 23, Chargers 14 – And the West Coast streak of losing when its teams travel to the East Coast continues apace.  Philip Rivers fumbled repeatedly, and the Bills’ D never allowed the Bolts’ O to really get going. Also, Marshawn Lynch scored twice, and Trent Edwards continues to be a solid, steady QB, completing 25 of 30 passes.

Bears 48, Vikings 41 – If you bet the Over on this one, congratulations.  Gus Frerotte threw several picks, punter Chris Kluve was involved in one of several special teams fuck-ups, and Kyle Orton had another good day, throwing for two TDs.

Titans 34, Chiefs 10 – 336 yards of rushing and 4 TDs between Chris Johnson and LenDale White. Really all you needed to know.

Panthers 30, Saints 7 – The Carolina D held Drew Brees to under 300 yards passing (no small feat) and no TD passes. Jake Delhomme threw two TD passes while Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams, and Steve Smith all had very good days.

Steelers 38, Bengals 10 – Three touchdowns for Mewelde Moore, two TD passes for Ben Roethlisberger, and Cincy is now 0-7.

Ravens 27, Dolphins 13 – The Baltimore defense was able to halt Ronnie Brown and turn Chad Pennington into less than his usually accurate self, and the offense did enough to score a couple touchdowns and get Matt Stover FG opportunities.

Giants 29, 49ers 17 – Actually kind of competitive until late, when the New York D-line started rearlly hitting J.T. O’Sullivan, making him throw picks.  Two touchdowns for Brandon Jacobs, one throwing for Eli Manning.

Packers 34, Colts 14 – Not as good a day for Peyton Manning: picked for six twice by 2nd string corners while Aaron Rodgers threw for a score and Ryan Grant went for 105 yards and a TD.

Texans 28, Lions 21 – Two touchdowns for Owen Daniels, one a piece for Steve Slaton and Ahman Green. Andre Johnson had his third straight game with 100 yards receiving.

Raiders 16, Jets 13 – The less said about this penalty-laden OT win that no one wanted to see go into OT, the better.  The Gunslinger Brett Favre got beat up by Oakland’s defense and threw a couple of picks.

Redskins 14, Browns 11 – Another game with less than offense until late, when Clinton Portis ran for 175 yards total and a score and Jason Campbell led the drive for a second TD.

Buccaneers 20, Seahawks 10 – Good Lord, Seattle’s secondary is awful. Jeff Garcia threw for 310 yards, a score, and generally made the Seahawks look foolish, sending them to 1-5. At least they can say that everyone else was watching playoff baseball. It probably hurts less.


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