A Fool And His Money: Bolts In Buffalo

Last week: 7-7. Season: 47-41. Home teams in CAPS, as usual.

Chargers (+1) over BILLS – Despite the return of Trent Edwards and the fact that Buffalo is coming off the bye week, watching San Diego shellack the Patriots last week was quite interesting and is swaying the balance for me, despite the fact that West Coast teams traveling to the Eastern time zone have an atrocious record, and the Bolts already lost in Miami this year.

PANTHERS (-3) over Saints – Not that we’re not impressed with what Drew Brees has done with receivers hurt, but the Saints don’t play defense very well. Expect a shootout with Jake Delhomme throwing fewer picks this time.

BEARS (-3) over Vikings – Kyle Orton has turned into the right quarterback for the Bears offense. Gus Frerotte is not anyone’s idea of the right quarterback for any offense.

Steelers (-9.5) over BENGALS – No Carson Palmer, no chance of covering.

TITANS (-9) over Chiefs – Tennesse’s fresh off the bye week; Larry Johnson was declared inactive; this one will be ugly.

DOLPHINS (-3) over Ravens – John Harbaugh did a dumb thing saying that Cam Cameron failed as a head coach in Miami because of what he had to work with.  Sorry, there’s no defending picking Ted Ginn that high when you need a QB — and then your new boss pisses off your old team.

GIANTS (-10) over 49ers – I see J.T. O’Sullivan throwing too many picks in the second half to cover and Eli Manning recovering after a bad Monday night game.

RAMS (+7) over Cowboys – Too much drama, not enough Tony Romo, enough defense to win, but not by more than a touchdown to a team off a high from beating the Redskins last week.

TEXANS (-9.5) over Lions – I know Detroit covered last week, but Minnesota is anemic offensively. In Houston, there is the matter of Andre Johnson to deal with,  when Matt Schaub is on.

Colts (-2) over PACKERS – Problem: Can Dominic Rhodes be the guy with Joseph Addai sidelined?  Not completely, but enough to go to Lambeau and win.

REDSKINS (-7) over Browns – I don’t like the way Washington played last week, but I think they’ll make up for it by busting on Cleveland, hard.

BUCS (-10.5) over Seahawks – Seattle heading to the East Coast for a 10 AM Pacific start + the possiblity of Charlie Frye starting at QB again = complete crap.

Broncos (+3) over PATRIOTS – If there’s any team Matt Cassel should be able to light up defensively, it’s this one. Look for Randy Moss to get his touches in battles with Champ Bailey. But Jay Cutler must be salivating at the thought of taking on a lesser New England secondary and old linebackers, and may have Eddie Royal back to do it.


One Response

  1. What?

    It’s an 8:15 PM game in Tampa, and Charlie Frye will not start. Meh, keep the Bucs pick anyway.

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