Stealing Signals: Unlikely Heroes

Phillies 7, Dodgers 5 – Everyone had probably forgotten Matt Stairs existed.  He somehow got traded to Philly after the deadline, clearing waivers from Toronto (and if you only remember him in an Oakland uniform a few years back with Jason Giambi, you’re not the only one.)  But Stairs is the one who helped cap a four-run comeback against the Dodger bullpen. Joe Torre pulled Derek Lowe after 74 pitches, and watched as, eventually, Cory Wade and Jonathan Broxton gave up 2-run homers to Shane Victorino and Stairs in the eighth inning, respectively.  Now, Los Angeles is facing its fate on Wednesday with Cole Hamels waiting his chance to end their season on Wednesday — forced into such a situation because of a lack of a fourth starter in its rotation (a healthy Brad Penny would be nice to have right about now, no?) and an unsteady bullpen without Takashi Saito on hand to close.

Rays 9, Red Sox 1 – I think it would be much better, when B.J. Upton bats, if announcers worked the source for his initials, the nickname “Bossman Junior” into their home run calls for him (Upton’s given name is Melvin Emanuel Upton; “Bossman” was his father’s nickname).  The Bossman struck again, going deep for the 5th time int he playoffs (he only hit 9 all regular season) in the playoffs, and was followed two batters later by Evan Longoria and his fourth palyoff bomb.  The deluge only continued later, as Rocco Baldelli and Carlos Pena added late jacks.  Matt Garza threw six scroless innings to do his part of shutting down the BoSox lineup.


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