Jerry Jones Has Lost His Goddamned Mind

Never has KSK’s depiction of Jerry Jones as a free-wheeling, insane megalomaniac ever rung more true than today. Look, I understand that the whole Adam Jones getting suspended indefinitely, Felix Jones being out a couple weeks, and Tony Romo’s pinkie injury has the Cowboys, already in bad straits after the last couple of games, desperate for something to keep the team from hitting a really bad losing lull.

But he just traded first, third, and sixth round picks for Lions wide receiver Roy Williams.

Yup, three picks in next year’s draft for a pretty good, if mercurial WR who’s suffered from having to play for an awful franchise, although sometimes he has not helped himself a whole lot. The Cowboys do need some helpa t wide reciever, but Williams doesn’t address the gaping hole in this team with Jones suspended and Terence Newman still banged up: their secondary. Kurt Wanter torched the corners on Sunday. Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston were getting open with regularity to make some really good (and it Fitz’s case, spectacular) grabs.

The cornerback market isn’t great at the trade deadline because most of the teams who would be dealing have awful defensive units. You’re not gonna pluck a gem from there.  But three picks in the 2009 draft for a wideout? Jones simply overpaid; he’s desperate to make something out of this season — Super Bowl or bust — and he showed his hand to the Lions, who just fleeced him. If Detroit gets anyone competent as a GM prior to the draft (and that’s a major stretch to consider), then they just gave themselves a serious opportunity to build the franchise with 2 first-rounders and extra picks.

The only entertainment Dallas fans should get out of this trade is how the equipment manager will put Williams’ name on the jersey with another Roy Williams playing safety. Will there be middle initials, or will they just both be “R. Williams”?


2 Responses

  1. The guy I feel most sorry for is Brad Johnson. Now he has TWO T.O.s to harrass him about throwing them the ball down the field, which he’s too old to do. And if Roy was shying away from hits by the Bears’ secondary two weeks ago, wait until he gets a load of what’s waiting for him in the NFC East.

    In the meantime, the Lions made out like bandits with this one. A high 1st round draft pick of their own plus an extra end-of-rounder from Dallas is just what the doctor ordered for a team that’s clearly planning to burn itself to the ground and start over.

  2. The Eagles secondary is dying to chuck Roy Williams within five yards — and they will, too.

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