News League Recap, Week 5

We have a new leader this week:

1. APIAS FTW 2.0 4-1-0 .800 433.47 W-3
2. Twisted Fister 3-2-0 .600 486.13 L-2
3. Monday Night Jihadis 3-2-0 .600 477.98 L-1
4. Area Man 3-2-0 .600 471.25 W-2
5. Why So Jerious? 3-2-0 .600 463.52 W-1
6. Pyle of List 2-3-0 .400 475.84 L-1
7. TSW 2-3-0.400 472.70 L-2
8. Chocolate Squirrels 2-3-0 .400 421.80 W-1
9. Matt Jones’ Yayo 2-3-0 .400 420.11 L-1
10. Kellen Me Softly 1-4-0 .200 426.84 W-1

APIAS FTW 2.0 89.58, Monday Night Jihadis 86.40 – A 27-point barnburner from Brandon Jacobs propels The Goldfish Cowboy to the top spot in the league.  I personally blame LenDale White and Chris Johnson both for underachieving against the Ravens D, but let’s face it: my season is probably going in the tank thanks to Brian Westbrook’s yearly battle with any and every possible ailment in the book.

Why So Jerious? 104.57, Twisted Fister 73.02 – OPS knocks off RUTS thanks to Brian Griese coming down with a case of being Brian Griese and Eddie Royal getting knocked out with very few catches.

Chocolate Squirrels 115.57, TSW 94.24 – OMDQ must be the only owner I can think of who did something so boneheaded as to start Jon Kitna yet win his fantasy matchup. He did this thanks to every other slot save the kicker yielding double digit performances, and TSW’s running back tandem of Julius Jones and Najeh Davenport taking a collective shit on her stats.

Area Man 96.89, Pyle of List 62.90 – This is a list of players that the Pyle guys had starting that scored 2 points or less this week: Trent Edwards (got concussed, 0.72), Brandon Marshall (1.67), Larry Johnson (0.20), Antonio Gates (0.80), and Correll Buckhalter (0.00)

Kellen Me Softly 84.98, Matt Jones’ Yayo 59.61 – When the only player on your roster (outside of the defense) to score in double digits is Muhsin Muhammad, you’re going to lose, and that’s what happened to AA this week, as Eric gets off the schneid (but not out of the cellar) with his first win of the season.

This Week’s Matchups:

  • TSW goes after the new head of the table in APIAS FTW 2.0
  • Battle of the 3-2 teams when the Jihadis and Why So Jerious? go head to head.
  • Eric and OMDQ go in our 10-8 matchup: Squirrels vs. Kellen.
  • Pyle of List aims to be the second team in a row to fist the Fister.
  • The Area Man takes on Matt Jones’ Yayo.

3 Responses

  1. What can I say? It was an overstuffed schneid with ottoman – very comfortable. I didn’t want to leave.

  2. In Predicate Pigskin news, the Commish regrets to inform you that you’ve become our first manager to receive a second Prothro Award — and both losses are directly attributable to your decision to start Donovan McNabb at QB instead of Kyle Orton. Orton has outperformed McNabb the last three weeks running

    <stankow> That’s just sad, is what that is.

  3. I’m not surprised, Ajax, at all.

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