A Tale of Two Joneses

Matt Jones is a lucky man.

You get busted with six grams of cocaine bheind a bar with your friends, and you usually run into intent to sell — doesn’t matter who you are. But, the Jacksonville wide receiver is going to be heading to drug court, as a first time offender, because prosecutors and investigators couldn’t find any intent to sell.

“Matt made a mistake and he knows it, but he’s learned from it and he is doing all the right things in his life, both on and off the football field,” Bassett said. “He has handled this and reacted to all of this in the right way and I commend him for that.” Washington County prosecutor John Threet has no problem with Jones being transferred to drug court.

Threet said that after the arrest there has been no evidence uncovered indicating Jones had any intent to sell the cocaine. Drug court is an option for anyone convicted of possession for the first time.

If a person doesn’t have a criminal history, Threet said, possession typically results in probation or drug court. He said the transfer has nothing to do with Jones. “Without any intention of selling, it’ll be straight possession, because that’s the law,” Threet said.

Again, a lucky man. Compare that with Adam Jones. Through his own fault and an overzealous commissioner looking to establish his own brand of law and order, his every move is now tracked like a target of the paparazzi — and now, if you look at the copy surrounding every story of an alleged fight with one of his team-issued bodyguards, you can see this coming: all of the talk on ESPN or any sports talk radio show later today will be about, “What will Roger Goodell do; when will he suspend this bum again?”

But no complaint was filed against Adam Jones for the fight by the bodyguard. Reports say Jones may have been drinking at the Joule Hotel, but the bodyguard has not filed a complaint. So, right now, this is nothing. It is probably a regrettable personal action, and may be worth a couple games of suspension down the line. But right now, we just don’t know. There’s not enough, but it’s not going to stop anyone tomorrow when the arguments that Jones has blown his second chance are promptly rolled out.

Meanwhile, everyone will forget how Matt Jones was doing coke behind the back of a bar, especially if he completes that program and that felony never shows up on his record. (Again, I know; he’s a first time offender — but I thought that we were supposedly to be collectively outraged at everyone who goes of fthe rails in Lord Rog’s regime equally.)


One Response

  1. I would like to know if there is away to contact the NFL
    commissioners office by e-mail or an address to write a letter to the Commissioner please? Can you assist
    me please?
    Reason being is that I am a dedicated NFL fan. I am in total disagreement with the way the Commissioner handled the Matt Jones situation (Jaguars). He is supposed to be soooo hard on players for misconduct and so forth. Well he wasn’t with Matt Jones. Nor was the Jaguars organization. 6 grams of cocaine is alot.
    A three suspension is nothing in my mind for such an act.
    I hate to sound like the same old thing, “But, what if Matt Jones were Black?” Would he have been cut by the Jaguars? Would the Commissioner suspended him right away indefinitely?
    I am not a racist, please believe me. I would like to address this to the NFL Commissioner. Just look at the punishment given to other players for much less.
    Besides the NFL, the Jaguars and everybody else to included ESPN, has been mighty hush hush about the Matt Jones situation. I mean it has been bearly mentioned in a low key may once but that’s all. There was no big issue made out of it that’s for sure.
    I wish I could forward this to the Commissioner.

    Just a dedicated NFL fan
    Tom Mills

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