The Terrible Twos Are Upon Us

Shockingly enough , this is the second anniversary of this here blog’s existence, and I would argue I’ve already kicked off the terrible twos by taking off amazing amounts of time thanks to being worn out by the day job and the occasional paying gig blogging.  But that’s neither here nor there, honestly, because being committed to a semi-undefined writing experiment in sports fandom, merging in political ravings, media critique, and too-infrequent music appreciation for this long is an accomplishment in and of itself, especially when yours truly has dilettante tendencies and an attention span to match.

All I can do is promise to try and work on better writing — and maybe more of it. Also, I can issue a bunch of thanks:

  • BP at Awful Announcing for giving me my first shot at bigger exposure with live-blogging at his site, and then inviting me back
  • Every other associate or friend met through this, virtual or real life, including but not limited to: The mutual admiration society that is the Channel 4 News Team, with guys like RUTS, Eric, Marco, and OMDQ, as well as the Starter Wife, Holly, Janie, and a bunch of others too numerous to list
  • Brooks and Jason at SbB for not only taking me on as a writer but for putting up with my erratic schedule as best they could
  • Deadspin, The Big Lead, EDSBS, and the Sporting Blog for accepting my link-whoring — and a thank you to anyone who has ever linked and continues to link here.
  • Sports on My Mind and The Starting Five for being regular inspirations.
  • And of course, you, because you’re still reading, even though I’ve got no fucking clue what I’m doing or where this crazy thing is going.

Here’s to a better third year.


10 Responses

  1. Congrats man… I know how hard it is to attempt to run a daily blog and actually work jobs to pay the bills at the same time. It’s a thankless task and you miss a lot of sleep (at least I do).

    Keep up the great work…

  2. Chuck, thanks much.

  3. Congrats – keep it going.


  4. Happy birthday to S2N! Love the blog, and the recaps you do are great.

    Just keep on keepin’ on.


  5. Man, two years already? Time flies when you’re having fun.

  6. S2N, Congrats and thanks for your frequent 10 point link jobs to bring the different parts of the sports web together,

  7. MODI, thanks — and there’s a reminder, they’re not frequent enough….

    OMDQ – yeah, and it flies regardlesss.

    Mookie -thanks.

  8. Just saw this. No problem S2N, you help to set the bar. Thanks for doing what you do, you old ass mo……. :)

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