God, We Have A Month Left Of This

Finally, the campaign decided to bring back the Keating Five. About time.

I tire of this shit now, because it’s all gone so fucking last minute surreal by this point — John McCain going open season on the character attacks because he’s behind and in bad straits on the economic issue and we have — shock, surprise — race-baiting and terrorist remarks against Barack Obama at rallies involving both McCain and Sarah Palin, who ginned it up with mentions of Bill Ayres and inciting the usual virulence at the press that they’ve been working so well for the past few months of the campaign.

All this informs the second of three debates, which will probably make for no better theater than the first one, and will make us more and more likely to wish for the next month to pass even more quickly, so we can be done with the drawn-out spectacle. Yes, there is a serious choice to be made here, and I’ve made mine, as many of you probably know, but now we are seeing the final descent into the usual stupid stunts that come around late September and October of every presidential election year.

I don’t know where McCain goes from here; I don’t see where he gets the votes he’s supposedly losing back. These are last-ditch, round-up-the-base gambits he’s playing with, not the sort of thing that gets people who don’t pay attention until the last two months before the election. And still, I’m crossing my fingers until the vote is over and we actually have a President-Elect declared.

2 Responses

  1. Totally agree. McCain has no shot, and it sucks we’re going to have to watch him get even more pathetic for the next month. His campaign is making Kerry’s look like the best campaign ever. And at the same time Obama’s campaign has been brilliant, starting with the primary. It’s almost time to start getting drunk for the debate.

  2. McCain’s moment was likely in 2000; there is a sizable difference between the then 64-year old and the current 72-year old man. Now, he comes off as Bob Dole, a dozen years later.

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