Stealing Signals: Mercy Killings, Please

Red Sox 7, Angels 5 – The funny thing is that you can’t blame either Vladimir Guerrero, Mark Teixeira, or Torii Hunter for this 2-0 deficit the Angels are now down; the 3-4-5 hitters in the Halos line-up have gotten on base and gotten hits (albeit mostly singles) — it’s every other damn hitter in the line-up not getting a crucial two-out hit or, in the case of Ervin Santana, giving Boston too much wiggle room by giving up runs early.  Boston jumped out on Santana early, and kept building when the Angels tried to come back. The game was tied in teh bottom of the 8th, but J.D. Drew knocked a 2-run homer off Francisco Rodriguez in the top of the 9th.

Rays 6, White Sox 2 – Scott Kazmir gave up two runs in the first, but that was all he’d allow in 5.1 innings, albeit with some difficulty and jams along the way. Dioner Navarro drove in the first run in the second, but the Rays took the lead for good in the fifth when Akinori Iwamura teed up a two-run shot of Mark Buehrle, adding on from there.

Now, despite some of moments within the games, we are now left with four series, all with a team up 2 games to none, and I am in the position of rooting for sweeps so we can actually get to some competitive baseball.  Frankly, I hope the Rays knock off the Red Sox; I have been rooting against Boston since the team and media ginned up the idea that somehow, the behavior of Manny Ramirez was worse than it was during the past few seasons and stupidly traded one of the best hitters to ever play the game. Baseball karma ought to demand penance for that.

As for an impending Dodgers-Phillies series, it’s about as good a case of Meteor Series for me as I can think of; however, when it comes to those games, you root for individuals, and in this case, I pull for Manny.

It does look really, really bad when neither team with the best record in its respective league (Cubs and Angels) is likely to survive the Division Series now. Are we gonna get a regular rotation of the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals now when it comes to World Series winners?


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  1. Hey now.. I represent that remark about the ’06 Cards. Thems was my boys…
    But seriously, though; these days , the best team doesn’t necessarily win this time of the year, but it’s the team that’s playing the best(or is the luckiest).

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