The Shakedown, Week 6

After last week’s carnage, we’re left with a bunch of chaos in the top 10 this week, and truly unquestioned dominance by the SEC and Big 12.

Ten Best:

  1. Oklahoma – The Tde may have played better teams, but after watching both the Sooners and Alabama, I still think Oklahoma is the better team at this point and time, and I don’t think too many people out there would argue with Sam Bradford being generally better than John Parker Wilson.
  2. Alabama – Not that I’m not impressed with Nick Saban’s work; he has constructed some thoroughly scary D and O lines in Tuscaloosa.  But I know that the JPW breakdown is coming; we just don’t know when.
  3. Texas – Colt McCoy is doing Vince Young-like things while looking twice as gawky doing them.
  4. LSU – Survived a surprising bout of offense from FC Croom State last weekend, still laden with studs at so many positions that Jarrett Lee can be kind of a fuck-up at QB and no one will notice.
  5. Mizzou – Really, really itching to see what they do against actual conference competition.  Chase Daniel has to suffer despite all those passing records because he hasn’t played anyone yet.
  6. Penn State – If Derrick Williams can pull off the rushing, receiving, and return touchdown trifecta on a regular basis….oh my. But that won’t happen. I’m sure Joe Paterno would take two of three every Saturday.
  7. BYU – Of the firm belief that the Cougars are essentially in good shape to run the table here; the only real obstacle is the showdown with Utah at the end of the season.
  8. Texas Tech – Ack, ack, ack… somebody, guys! We need conference play with the Red Raiders to really suss out where they are.
  9. South Florida – Matt Grothe will lapse into one of those three-pick games in conference and blow a shot at the MNC, but considering how bad the Big East is, not earning its BCS berth should be a disappointment for the Bulls.
  10. Utah – Because I don’t want to put Georgia, USC, Florida, Auburn, or Ohio State here — and it’s a placeholder for Vandy if they beat Auburn this week (please, please, please make it so.)  The Utes are bound to fuck this up even if it’s not to BYU because the offense just has too many stop-and-start moments, but they’re the best of what’s left. Expect Northwestern and Vandy to make runs at this spot if either of them can stay undefeated.

So Many Dreams, Shattered:

USC – Look, I referred to these troubles last Friday, but it’s time to re-assess the program’s attitude. There’s now way Pete Carroll can brush this off as “well, conference play is tough.”

Florida – Gator fans are still cursing Dan Mullen’s play calling, but Urban Meyer could also use a course in how to use a running back. I know he has them.

Georgia – Losing line guys to ACL injuries will come back to fuck you.

Auburn – The Tigers are that bipolar kid you know who’s on a new medication and is suffering some side effects. One day you get normal, the next really bummed, and then overly peppy. This is the spread offense that even the head coach admits isn’t quite working right now.

Tennessee – If Auburn is bi-polar on offense, the Vols are manic-depressives, and the Xanax isn’t settling Jonathan Crompton or the fanbase down much.

Wake Forest: How is this team at #25 in the polls and Northwestern is out? The Deacons lost to Navy, for Christ’s sake.

UConn – Scary team and deserves its #24 ranking with Donald Brown in the backfield. Only legit threat to South Florida for conference supremacy right now.

Syracuse/Pittsburgh – Couldn’t they have worked it out so the losing coach got fired on live TV immediately aftewards?  Syracuse fans would have loved to get rid of Greg Robinson like that, and Dave Wannstedt should be ashamed of even having to mount a comeback on the rotten Orange.


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