Straight Outta Centennial

I don’t usually make it a point to note every transgression by athletes off-the-field. Travis Henry is an exception for two reasons.

  • he used to play for the football team I root for
  • he got busted in my old neighborhood!

The former Bronco running back was arrested by federal agents in Centennnial, Colorado (which only really became its own city about 10 years ago) and accused of being on the money end of a multi-state cocaine ring. (Someone check Matt Jones’ little black book.)  The DEA basically set him and his alleged partner, James Mack, up for the bust, with the use of a “drug drealer turned informant” who decided to snitch after getting pulled over at a traffic stop in Billings, Montana.

After his arrest, federal agents instructed the informant to meet with Mack and Henry. Two days later on Sept. 18, he wore a recording device when he met with Mack in Aurora.

In the meeting, he told Mack that he sold the fake drugs to the dealer in Montana, but on his way back to Colorado, the highway patrol stopped him and seized the money. Mack told the informant he would have to tell Henry about the loss.

On Sept. 22, the informant made a recorded phone call to Henry in which he promised to give Henry three kilograms of cocaine to compensate him for the money taken by the highway patrol.

Four days later, he called Henry and told him he had five kilograms of cocaine – three of it was his and he could buy the remaining two kilograms. Henry went to the informant’s house and spoke with him by phone in the following days, confirming the drug deals.

DEA chemist Amy Harman provided six kilogram “bricks” for the informant who on Tuesday at 5:43 p.m. called Henry and told him to pick the drugs up at the informant’s home in Centennial, the affidavit says.

If you want to pull off a quiet deal, go to Centennial — typical quiet suburb, no reason to suspect anybody of anything going on around there.  This represents a very, very quick fall for Henry, if he’s convicted or pleads out to such charges, especially considering that he got dropped last June after the first year of a $22 million contract and that he’s got nine mouths to feed.

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