Rushing The Field: Where Bizarre Is The Norm

It’s a world where the established powers can’t hold their rankings in-conference any longer. Oklahoma is #1 with a bullet following a nasty dispatching of TCU, complete with Sam Bradford throwing for 400+ yards and 4 TDs, but given everything else that happened today, maybe we should say, “Wait until the Sooners begin Big 12 play” before we jump to any conlusions about how it’s going to shake out.

Georgia dressed to impress, but at the end, they were very Morrissey, wearing black on the outside because black is how they now feel on the inside.  Constant penalties in the first half and offensive mistakes allowed Alabama to open up a 31-0 lead at halftime, one in which Georgia’s efforts at comebacks became merely cosmetic.  The line play of the Crimson Tide, cliche as it is to say and write, determined the game — Dawg fans had to know that devastating injuries on both lines would come back to haunt them sooner or later. Meanwhile, Nick Saban has Tahd faithful buzzing even more as they’ll likely vault to a top 3 spot in the polls — but let’s hold off on the coronation until ‘Bama has to play LSU — who took care of FC Croom State, which now has some offensive life in it with Tyson Lee at quarterback.  Sylvester Croom ought to consider it a moral victory that he now has something resembling an offense.

Like USC and Georgia, Florida and Tim Tebow are now out of national title talk — or should be in the most sensible of eyes unless something catastrophic happens after watching Jevan Snead throw 9/20 for the Ole Miss Rebels and somehow come out on top in Gainesville, 31-30.  Houston Nutt’s teams take advantage of errata and mistakes, and blocking an extra point late is a biggie, never mind the 4th and 1 play where everyone and their mother knew Tebow would be carrying it. Urban Meyer’s dependence on Tebow and Percy Harvin to handle run duties has come back to haunt them.

Wisconsin decided to fall apart, too — allowing Michigan’s defense to lock them down in the second half and the team to score 27 unanswered points at the Big House on the way to a win.  The Wolverines still won’t be a fully formed force this year, but they are showing flashes of where Rich Rodriguez wants to take them.

Scary things of note: Vanderbilt is now 4-0, atop the SEC East, and Northwestern is 5-0, tied atop the Big 10 with Penn State, who put a hurting on Illinois.  Derrick Williams rushed for a touchdown, caught one, and took a kick return in as well.  Watching Daryll Clark run this “Spread HD” offense is fun, but why do I have a sneaking feeling that an Ohio State getting used to Terrelle Pryor starting at QB will be more than game and ready for the Nittany Lions in a few weeks?

Honestly, the less we talk about Auburn and Tennessee, the better. I can’t imagine CBS imagined this when it booked this game for national television.

Texas, being Texas these days, will probably lose to Oklahoma, but I’m sure anyone who watched Colt McCoy decimate the Razorbacks with 5 TDs overall was more than happy to see him have that performance against Bobby Petrino, and everyone not a UPig fan right now enjoys watching him lose.

I don’t think anyone in the ACC really wants to win that conference; in any event, I saw ads for the conference title game in Tampa, and I expect more empty seats than we saw in Jacksonville last year.  UNC made a hell of a comeback to put it over on Miami, who had clicked completely in the first half.  But Wake Forest is now in the loss column after Navy and the triple option did them in. We may be stuck with Virginia Tech by default yet again.

Fresno State isn’t the team some of us thought it would be, but at least those Bulldogs make it interesting every week. After a 55-54 OT win against Toledo, they head into the Rose Bowl and beat UCLA in a point-scoring frenzy. Tom Bradstater threw for three TDs; Ryan Mathews scored one rushing and caught another as a good chunk of the Bowl was filled with Fresno State fans who celebrated with Pat Hill and crew afterwards.


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