The Shakedown, Week 5

Gonna be a blackout tonight…

The Terrific Ten:

  1. Oklahoma – Still riding that “DESTROY ALL OPPONENTS” margin. While not in conference play this week, TCU’s bitchin’ defensive assault should give us an idea where the Sooners stand with real opposition.
  2. Georgia – Wreaking havoc on an undermanned and overwhelmed ASU team is fine — but Nick Saban and Alabama are an entirely different manner. Official “Game of the Week” status; kill yourself if you miss it.
  3. USC – Normally I do not usually punish for bye weeks, but two in the first four weeks with a shitty conference does the Trojans no favors, much like the BCS will not if Oklahoma and an SEC team of your choosing end up undefeated along with Pete Carroll and crew.
  4. LSU – Les Miles runs a program with enough skill on both lines, in the defensive secondary, and at the offensive skill positions where it no longer matters if the quarterback is a stud. I italicize this for importance because it was evident against Auburn and goes against all nature of what we learn about football: the quarterback quality or pedigree is secondary when the rest of the skill players are that good on a perennial basis.
  5. Florida – After whupping up on Tennessee, the Gators get another lower-tier SEC opponent in Ole Miss. Still concerned about this offense being nothing but Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin.
  6. Missouri – Chase Daniel sets more records, Jeremy Maclin’s a stud, blah, blah, blah. Can these guys play somebody now?
  7. Alabama – Not quite buying it yet, but obviously this weekend’s tilt in Athens means a lot; Glen Coffee may not match Knowshon Moreno yard for yard or play for spectacular play, but he’s a very good back.
  8. BYU – Eight straight quarters without giving up a point deserves props.
  9. Wisconsin – Best looking of the Big 10 teams who’ve actually played someone.
  10. Penn State – More impressed with the defeats of the nobodies that the Nittany Lions have taken on than the ones that Texas Tech has finished off.

So Sorry, Thanks For Playing

  • West Virginia – Even a week later, it’s worth going over again: Bill Stewart is in over his head and wasting Pat White’s senior year.
  • East Carolina – Nothing good lasts forever, but N.C. State? Really?
  • Auburn – Valiant defeat to LSU, but alternating competent offensive drives with junior varsity BS isn’t going to work well. You can probably get away with that shit hosting Tennessee, though.
  • Oregon – victimized by the quarterback injury disease that claimed Dennis Dixon last year; now it claims anyone who dares to follow in his footsteps.

Getting Closer Looks:

  • UConn/Loovall – mostly because it’s on Friday night, the Big East is wide open, and because defensive end Rob Lunn is a good blogger. Also, because Louisville’s Steve Kragthorpe makes great faces when his team is losing.
  • Pitt/Syracuse – If only to torture myself and see who can look more incompetent between Dave Wannstedt and Greg Robinson.
  • UNC/Miami – Butch Davis returns to Coral Gables.
  • Arkansas/Texas – Mack Brown has the best smug look when he beats someone, and no one deserves to get that look more than Bobby Petrino.
  • Fresno State/UCLA – Because I love the idea of Pat Hill’s Mustache Riders riding into the Rose Bowl and scrubbing the floor with His Coachness‘ J.V. squad.
  • Illinois/Penn State – Let’s see how the Spread HD looks in conference.
  • Colorado/Florida State – Considering every crap QB the Seminoles have thrown in there, I will be very disappointed if Dan Hawkins does not come out of Tallahassee with a win. RUN, YOU MAJESTIC BUFFALO, RUN!

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