News League Recap, Week 3

I may start making custom cards on the site for each News League post if I can summon up enough cleverness.

Anyway, the standings, as we enter the first set of bye weeks.

1. Twisted Fister 3-0-0 1.000 323.36 W-3
2. Monday Night Jihadis 2-1-0 .667 295.04 W-2
3. TSW 2-1-0 .667 291.86 W-1
4. TomBradySuicideWatch 2-1-0 .667 267.62 W-2
5. APIAS FTW 2.0 2-1-0 .667 253.03 W-1
6. Area Man 1-2-0 .333 294.22 L-1
7. Matt Jones’ Yayo 1-2-0 .333 263.18 L-2
8. Pyle of List 1-2-0 .333 262.83 L-1
9. Chocolate Squirrels 1-2-0 .333 233.39 L-2
10. Kellen Me Softly 0-3-0 .000 262.51 L-3

Monday Night Jihadis 86.97, Matt Jones’ Yayo 75.95 – As soon as Brian Westbrook went down, I was screwed and 20 points behind on Monday morning — thanks, Chargers’ defense, for picking off Brett Favre twice, once for a pick six!  AA had both Chad Johnson and Braylon Edwards shit the bed with less than two points a piece, and had Earnest Graham victimized by Brian Griese passing 60+ times.

APIAS FTW 2.0 101.43, Pyle of List 98.49 – The Goldfish Cowboy wins on the arm of Drew Brees and his 400+ passing yards along with Joseph Addai’s two scores, and Mr. Pyle may want to consider revisiting that whole starting Matt Cassel thing.

TSW 92.61, Kellen Me Softly 76.13 – TSW wins thanks to a 14 point day from Larry Fitzgerald and 21 from Julius Jones. Extra P is having a tough time in the cellar, with only Marshawn Lynch doing anything resembling damage.

TomBradySuicideWatch 127.06, Area Man 117.68 – Normally, 20+ points from LaDainian Tomlinson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Reggie Bush would be enough to win a fantasy match-up. However, Marco ran a little problem called Ronnie Brown, whom Oops Pow happened to be smart enough to start, racking up 41 points on his own.  A re-naming of his squad may be in order.

Twisted Fister 107.26, Chocolate Squirrels 60.79 – A 40+ point beatdown on the backs of Marion Barber and Michael Turner leaves RUTS at the top of the News League. This week, OMDQ’s problem wasn’t the lack of Carson Palmer scoring — it was everyone else.

This Week’s Matchups:

  • Monday Night Jihadis try to knock the Chocolate Squirrels further down the ladder.
  • APIAS FTW 2.0 aims to be the first to beat the Twisted Fister.
  • TSW goes up against the Yayo.
  • TomBradySuicideWatch meets the Pyle of List and their new pick-up at QB, Trent Edwards.
  • And the battle for Storming the Floor supremacy begins, as Kellen Me Softly meets up with Area Man.

3 Responses

  1. At least we’re a few steps ahead Bill Belichick

  2. Right behind you there S2N… and own your one loss of the season.

  3. TSW, we have to play again, and I want vengeance for that loss.

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