Lions Fans, You Have Been Liberated

Not from franchise futility or managerial stupidity, but at least you no longer have to deal with the specific futility and stupidity of rightfully embattled president and GM Matt Millen any longer.

It’s not clear whether Millen quit or was fired, but Jay Glazer of Fox Sports confirmed it early this morning, a day after Bill Ford, Jr. made comments that if it were his decision, he would have fired Millen.  It wasn’t just the running through of coaches (Marty Mornhinweg, Steve Mariucci, and Rod Marinelli) or the draft busts alone (Joey Harrington, Mike Williams, Kevin Jones, Charles Rogers), it was the 31-84 record during his tenure, and a refusal to admit that he made mistakes as a first-time GM and was utterly incapable of recognizing them.

The most amazing thing is that this run of sheer incompetence was all self-contained: there was no Al Davis figure trying to meddle in his personnel decisions or his coach’s play-calling; there waas no cash-stingy owner — if anything, William Clay Ford, Sr. was more than willing to let Millen spend the cash necessary to help the team. It was just a case of being completely out of his depth for eight seasons without any ability to recognize that fact.

Minnesota Timberwolves fans are taking notes to see if they can prod someone under Glen Taylor to speak out in a Ford, Jr.-style fashion and get Kevin McHale ousted.


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