The Lane Kiffin Death Watch Gets Even More Absurd

I’m taking a bet on this since I don’t read him all that regularly, but San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami is probably a bit of a dick. Most newspaper columnists have opinionated takes that tend to verge on the obnoxious a lot of the time. They get readers this way that either love them or hate them, and that’s usually how it goes.

Sadly, WordPress is not good with video not from Google or YouTube, thus, I can’t embed the little confrontation Kawakami had with Raiders senior exec John Herrera right here, but thankfully, the Merc’s online staff has seen fit to put it at the end of his latest column.

The basic background is that someone in the Raiders’ org circulated a column critical of coach Lane Kiffin on, and in a press conference yesterday where everyone thought Coach Lunch Money was going to get the ax, Kawakami asked a question about feeling isolated in the organization — which prodded Herrera to interrupt Kiffin’s response, and then the little side skirmish on the video.

Kiffin isn’t absolved of all responsibility in this soap opera — he has been insolent towards owner Al Davis and cavalier about his attitude, but if you’re working in what appears to be a completely dysfunctional structure, who can blame him?  He’s going to have to answer these questions every Monday until the Cryptkeeper fires him — which will be a mistake, because Kiffin is probably the best coach the organization has hired since Jon Gruden rightfully bailed.

Bill Callahan may have taken Gruden’s leftovers to a Super Bowl, but they tanked after the infamous Tuck Rule call. (Horrendously wrong, see “JusttheFacts” in comments.) Norv Turner was, well, NORV!  Art Shell 2.0 was disastrous. Kiffin is actually coaching the offensive side of the team up and trying to build with a quarterback in JaMarcus Russell who is clearly taking the reins before being even close to ready. To be that close against the Bills on Sunday was much, much closer than any of us would have given the Raiders credit for.

What Davis is doing, by letting this drag out, is ensuring a coach who will be happy to wreak vengeance every time he faces him again. Mike Shanahan does it, Gruden does it, and Kiffin, who will likely get another NFL job somewhere down the road, will do it.

But for now, we get to watch the dysfunction as it spills out, and for now, it’s entertaining, if in a very sad way.

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  1. Two years ago I felt the Raiders had one of the best defenses in the NFL. Considering the Raider offense went three and out virtually every possession, the defense was always on the field while defending a short field for 3/4 of the game. They still were among the top statistical defenses in the NFL, which is amazing.

    What happened to them?

  2. “Bill Callahan may have taken Gruden’s leftovers to a Super Bowl, but they tanked after the infamous Tuck Rule call.”

    Everyone seems to forget that John Gruden inhereted
    Tony Dungy’s “leftovers” i.e. defense.The Bucs reached
    the playoffs in four of the six seasons(including playing
    in the NFC Championship game in ’99)that Dungy was at the helm.Dungy was in a some what simalar
    situation to Kiffin but with proven on field success.
    The Tuck Rule call occured in the 2001-02 playoffs.
    Ironically it was the last game that Gruden coached for the Silver and Black. It was the following year that
    Callahan and the Raiders were the AFC Champions.
    And while Mike Shanahn has been a dominant thorn
    in Al Davis’ side since departing the Raiders,Gruden
    has only faced Oakland once since the 2002-03 Super
    Bowl.The Raiders won that game 30-20 on MNF in 2004.
    That being said, as long as the Raiders cling to their
    antiquated vertical passing routes with no perceivable
    threat in the slot they will continue to shut down inside
    the red zone. It will not matter who’s under center or
    who’s on the “coaching” on the sidelines.And as long
    as they only rush the front 3 or 4 and fall back into zone
    coverege while ahead in the 2nd half what happened
    against the Bills sunday will continue to happen the
    rest of the season and beyond. Just as in previous
    But as Kiffen has said he’s “just the Head Coach”.
    He has no control over these things!

  3. Thanks for the fix.

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